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For all Australians to enjoy our great global game

In April 2016, Rugby Australia (then ARU) announced the 2016-2020 Australian Rugby Strategic Plan, underpinned by a vision “to inspire all Australians to enjoy our great global game”

To realise this vision, we need to deliver better than ever before in four key areas:

  1. Make Rugby a game for all – Our Community

  2. Ignite Australia’s passion for the game – Our Fans

  3. Build sustainable success in the professional game – Our Elite Teams

  4. Create excellence in how the game is run – Our Administration

Introduction to the 2016 – 2020 Rugby Australia Strategic Plan.

Rugby in Australia is a key sporting and cultural platform that underpins our identity as a nation and projects it on a global stage, while providing opportunities for millions to enjoy our sport.

Traditionally, Australian Rugby has overachieved domestically and internationally relative to its market size. However, in recent years it is clear that Rugby has faced a number of structural changes which have challenged the basis of the sport.

This 2016-2020 Australian Rugby Strategic Plan has been created to address these challenges and ensure that all parts of our game work together effectively over the next five years and beyond.

Importantly, this Strategy will see Australian Rugby:

Operating under a single and unified direction, with all parts working towards achieving common targets.

Implementing a whole-of-game strategic planning process.

Promoting participation across three distinct formats of the game; traditional XVs (our core product), Sevens and non-contact Touch 7s (formerly known as VIVA 7s).

Positioned on a sound financial platform to invest in driving growth in participation, fan engagement and success for our national Sevens teams, Super Rugby and professional teams and the Wallabies.

The Strategy was created through a process of:

  • Consultation with all States and constituents in Rugby.
  • Consultation with the Rugby Union Players’ Association (RUPA).
  • Engaging 8000+ fans and sponsors through workshops and questionnaires.
  • Workshops with key representatives from all Super Rugby and state Rugby bodies.
  • Direct input from the Rugby Australia (then ARU) Board and management.


Read the full 2016-2020 Australian Rugby Strategic Plan in ebook format here.

Read the PDF version of the 2016-2020 Australian Rugby Strategic Plan here.