NSW Youth cleans house at National Sevens Championships

by Rugby Australia

Queensland Red have prevented NSW from a clean sweep at the National Sevens Championships this weekend with the Senior Men’s team defeating NSW I 28-7 in the final.

While Queensland’s strength led them to a gold medal win in the Senior Men’s, it was the NSW Youth sides that have taken home the silverware in both the Boys and Girls Championship.

NSW Blue took the gold medal off reigning champions NSW White 12-10 in the Youth Girls Championship while NSW Blue took down QLD White 45-0 in the Youth Boys Championships, the highest winning margin of the day.

Rugby Australia’s Talent Development & Recruitment Manager - Rugby Sevens, Hugh Carpenter said: “Its been a great three days of Sevens here at Ballymore.

“In the Senior Men’s the strength of Queensland’s premier rugby sevens tournament has seen players really come together and perform here at the championships and ultimately take out the national title again this year.

“The strong performances from NSW in the youth provided an excellent contest, they were amazing games, and now we will look at choosing our squad for the upcoming World Schools Sevens in New Zealand.”

For full match results, please click here.

Senior Men’s Sevens Final Rankings

1st – QLD Red
2nd – NSW I
3rd – QLD Grey
4th – NSW II
5th – Northern Territory
6th – National Indigenous
7th – Victoria
8th – Western Australia
9th – Brumbies
10th – National Universities
11th – Australian Defence Force
12th – Tasmania

Youth Girls Sevens Final Rankings

1st – NSW Blue
2nd – NSW White
3rd – QLD Red
4th – QLD White
5th – Western Australia
6th – Queensland Grey
7th – Brumbies
8th – Victoria
9th – National Indigenous
10th – Northern Territory
11th – Tasmania

Youth Boys Sevens Final Rankings

1st – NSW Blue
2nd – QLD White
3rd – QLD Grey
4th – NSW White
5th – Brumbies
6th – Queensland Red
7th – Western Australia
8th – Northern Territory
9th – Victoria
10th – South Australia
11th – National Indigenous
12th – Tasmania