Rugby Australia congratulates Bill Beaumont on re-election as World Rugby Chairman

by Rugby Australia

Rugby Australia has today congratulated Bill Beaumont on his re-election as World Rugby Chairman. Beaumont will serve another four year term after winning the vote over his former Vice-Chairman, Agustin Pichot overnight (AEST)

Rugby Australia Chairman, Paul McLean said: "Rugby Australia congratulates Bill Beaumont on his re-election and we have assured him again today that he, and World Rugby have our one hundred percent support.

"We have been clear with Bill over our frustrations regarding the collapse of the World Nations Championship, and the reasons for the way we voted but we are absolutely committed to working with Bill and World Rugby to unlock greater opportunities to drive growth in the game globally.

"We are disappointed for Gus Pichot, who had a strong and progressive vision for the game with an emphasis on global alignment and governance reform.

"With Rugby facing its greatest test in the current COVID-19 pandemic it is essential for the game to act in a unified way to deliver a sustainable future that ensures that all nations have the opportunity to grow and contribute to the ongoing success of the sport.”