Get Into Rugby

The Get into Rugby Club program is the perfect stepping stone into the game.


It's a super fun and social program for people of all ages. 

The program runs for 4-8 weeks at selected clubs right around the country and costs around $45 per person. 

Each session runs for approximately one hour each week and is packed with drills to test your skills. 

Participants can learn the non-contact format of rugby or learn how to play 7s or 15s. 

It’s also great for those looking to switch formats, keep fit or make a bunch of new mates.

After the training wraps up there's plenty of fun to be had off the field with music pumping and social barbecues.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!



The Get into Rugby program is proving hugely popular at clubs right across Australia. 

It's a fantastic way to welcome new participants to your club and offer newbies the chance to learn the rugby basics. 

The program can be run anytime of the year for as long as you like, however we recommend once a week for a minimum of five weeks. 

Clubs are responsible for delivering the program however there are local Development Officers on hand to help with coaching. 

To make it even easier we've also produced a bank of fun coaching videos here which can be rolled out each session. 

Each Club is given access to branded equipment including rugby balls, bibs, markers and teardrops. 

Rugby AU also helps to promote the program and gives you all the marketing tools to engage with people in your local area.