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Rugby Xplorer Help Resources is a central reference point that provides both participants, fans and admins all information they need.

Rugby Xplorer Help Resources page for all Rugby Accounts, Registrations, Match Day and Competition Management. 

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Credits & Refunds Process *updated 28 April

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My Rugby Account *updated 16 April


Registration Clearances 

Size for Age Online Dispensation *updated 16 April

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Rugby Match Day App - Not Currently Available Flowchart *new 22 April

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Club Admins Setup *updated 16 April


Association Admins

Association Admins Setup *updated 1 April

Competition Setup and Draw Upload 

Competition Cases 



Player Points Scheme 

Rugby Events

Rugby Events Admin Setup *updated 16 April

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Rugby Events Communications 


Referee Availability, Appointments & Send-Off Reports

Referee Club Admins *updated 6 May

Appointment Board Admins *updated 6 May