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This page will answer questions regarding insurance in 2021. 

Will the insurance levies for players increase in 2021?

  • Most player levies for season, monthly and weekly registration types are increasing.
  • Player levies for Sanctioned Events will only increase for Senior XVs and Veterans XVs registration types.

Why are the levies going up next season?

  • Due to the current state of the insurance market and the extensive losses recorded by many Insurers during the COVID-19 pandemic the total cost of the National Risk Management and Insurance Programme will increase.
  • The components of the Programme that will increase substantially are the Public and Products Liability, Professional Indemnity and Club Management Liability. This cover is essential to the operations of all clubs and associations and their members.
  • As the policy holder, Rugby Australia will continue to underwrite the total cost of the National Risk Management and Insurance Programme but is unable to offset the increase to player levies.

Are there any other changes for 2021?

  • There will be a change to the Insurance levy discounts that are applied to secondary registrations. A discount will only be available within the same game format i.e. a player who participates in multiple XVs competitions will receive a discount, e.g. XVs Juniors to XVs Seniors.
  • It is important to note that this change is only being applied to the Insurance Levy and is not being applied to the State or Association Fee.
  • The insurance claim process was streamlined in 2020 and will be further streamlined in 2021 based on feedback from the community. This process will be implemented early in the new year and the steps will be listed on the Rugby Australia website.

How can I find out what is covered under the National Risk Management and Insurance Programme?

  • Rugby Australia and our insurance broker, Aon, have a website that outlines key information for everyone covered under the Programme. The website can be accessed here and everyone is strongly encouraged to review this information.
  • This Programme provides those insured with a basic level of cover. It is highly recommended that participants obtain additional insurance (e.g. Private Health and Income Protection) as required, for their own individual circumstances, over and above the National Risk Management and Insurance Programme.