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Sent to Rugby Xplorer admins on Friday 20 March

Rugby Xplorer app update coming soon!

What's new in the Rugby Xplorer app?

  • Participants have the option to add a club donation to their registration fees on the registration summary page. Ensure you have the latest version of the Rugby Xplorer app. 
    Additional information regarding steps for Clubs to receive these donations will be provided by Australian Rugby Foundation in the coming weeks. If you have any questions in the interim, please don’t hesitate in contacting ARF on  
  • Participants will be required to answer if they were last registered with a Rugby club in Australia? The answers are yes, no and not applicable. Those that have added ‘no’ will need to be followed up as they may require an international clearance. Additional information regarding International Clearances can be found here.
  • Blocks around cards that were being incorrectly flagged as international (and therefore returning a payment error) has been resolved. 
  • Team lists will display once submitted (regardless of the other team submitting their team list) and both the home and away team officials will be listed. 
  • Ability to ‘drag and refresh’ on fixtures and results, competition and ladder pages. 
  • Videos will display quicker.
  • Favourite teams has been reworked so that all 2019 teams are removed and the Club is still a favourite. The fixtures dropdown will display all teams and grades that are setup for that Club for the season at the time of the search. The teams will be order from 1st Grade down and oldest junior age grade down.  

What's new for Registrations?

  • The ability for participants to register via Rugby Xplorer either for weekly or monthly duration has been temporarily removed following the decision by Rugby Australia and State and Territory Member Unions to postpone all Community Rugby until the first week of May. Season duration registration is still available.
  • Junior participants who have registered and their height and weight falls outside the size for age dispensation guidelines will receive an email from Rugby Xplorer with a link to a consent form for mandatory assessment. Additional information regarding Size for Age Dispensation can be found here.
  • Association admins can track these consent forms and member assessments via the Rugby Xplorer admin portal under ‘Member Assessments’. This is where you can assign assessing coaches to each player.  

What's new in the Admin Portal?

  • Size for Age Dispensation Report is available at all levels of the tree and will identify players who are outside the recommended size for age guidelines. Additional information on the Size for Age Dispensation Policy can be found here.
  • Registration Dashboard has been updated to only include ‘active’ registrations by member types and active players by type at all levels. 
  • Remember, you can download your Club’s Certificate of Currency via your ‘My Club’ page. 

What's Coming Soon?

  • RAS and Sideline access for linked accounts and member selection. 
  • Ability to delete competitions. 
  • Member Management page enhancements. 
  • Reporting updates. 

Education & Training

  • Three new admin courses are available in the Rugby Learning Centre (team admin, club admin and association admin).
  • Self-help guides available here.
  • Participants and Fan help videos available here
  • Rugby Match Day app videos available here

Rugby Xplorer Assets

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Need more Help?

You can send an email to or call our customer engagement team on 02 8005 5600 who are available between Monday and Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturdays 9am to 3pm. 

Please note, extended trading hours will resume before the commencement of the 2020 season.