Codes and Policies

Anti-Doping Code
All Rugby participants are bound by the Rugby Australia Anti-Doping Code and must be aware of its requirements.

One of our fundamental goals is to ensure Rugby is a clean sport and our success is based on natural ability, hard work and fair play. Taking performance enhancing drugs is contrary to the ethics of sport and presents significant health risks to participants.

From 1 January 2021 the new World Anti-Doping Code will be in effect. Following the publication of this new Code, Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) (formerly ASADA) have created a new Australian National Anti-Doping Policy which reflects the new Code and changes to Australian legislation and is a single, consistent set of anti-doping rules across Australia. 

Rugby AU has fully adopted the new Australian National Anti-Doping Policy as our rules that apply to all participants. Competitions/events or testing that is conducted under World Rugby’s jurisdiction will be governed by the updated World Rugby Regulation 21.

Rugby Australia's Anti-Doping Code reflects the adoptions of both the National Anti-Doping Policy and Regulation 21. These rules apply to all participants and outline the requirements to protect the integrity of the sport and the health of participants.

Prohibited List

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) publishes a Prohibited List that specifies the substances and methods that are prohibited and is updated annually following extensive consultation. It is crucial that all participants are aware of what substances and methods are on the Prohibited List and keep up to date with the changes each year. A summary of the changes each year can also be found on the WADA webiste. Further information about the Prohibited List can be found on the Sport Integrity Australia (formerly ASADA) website and WADA website. To find out the prohibited or non-prohibited status of Australian medications please use the Check Your Substances tool. Please note that if a medication is required to treat a condition and it is on the Prohibited List then it may be possible to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE). More information on TUEs can be found here.

Potential anti-doping risks from the use of supplements

Sport Integrity Australia report that supplements are one of the leading causes of failed anti-doping tests in Australia with approximately one athlete testing positive every month. An anti-doping rule violation might occur in a number of ways, for example through the deliberate ingestion of a prohibited substance to enhance performance or inadvertently through the use of supplements that contain prohibited substances. Supplements may include prohibited substances that have been deliberately added during the manufacturing process (and may or may not be listed on the ingredients label) or they may include prohibited substances as a result of contamination during the manufacturing process. It is therefore very important to seek professional advice if you are using or intending to use supplements and to only use a product that has been batch tested. HASTA and INFORMED SPORT are independent companies that test for WADA prohibited substances in supplements. You are advised to only choose Informed Sport or HASTA certified supplements. This can be done by looking for their logos and also checking their websites to search for products that have been tested.

Anti-Doping Education

There are a number of educational resources available to assist participants in understanding the anti-doping provisions and the Prohibited List, which include: Rugby Australia Integrity Online: These courses provide education on Rugby Australia’s policies which applies to all participants. Click here for information on how to enroll in the courses. 

World Rugby Keep Rugby Clean: This interactive website informs the rugby community about anti-doping procedures and best practice. The website features all the latest anti-doping information and news, videos and interactive elements as well as testimonies from Keep Rugby Clean ambassadors.

SIA Anti-Doping e-Learning: These easy to use courses consists of six 15-minute modules that teach participants about anti-doping, prohibited substances and methods, therapeutic use exemptions, doping control and whereabouts requirements.