What is Rugby

Rugby Union (Rugby) is a global game for all ages, genders, sizes and backgrounds.
There are many varying formats for all Australians to enjoy, from non-contact Sevens (7s) to Fifteen-a-side (XVs) with elite and social competitions available, it delivers significant social and health benefits.

Rugby's Values

The game's values from World Rugby define it as a sport of integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect, up-held and entrenched by the laws of the game.

Rugby's Formats

Rugby is a game for all ages, genders, sizes and backgrounds providing many formats of the sport to have fun and be active.

Rugby's Laws

All the laws and rules of Rugby, Sevens, juniors/modified and Touch 7s played in Australia can be found at our Rugby AU Referees page.

Rugby's FAQs

Have a question about Rugby? In this section we address some of the most regularly asked questions around the sport.