Immediate Care in Rugby

The Level 2 Immediate Care in Rugby Course (ICIR) is recognised by World Rugby as the minimum medical standard for all elite pitch-side practitioners (doctors, physios, nurses, paramedics) to work in elite rugby. It is also run for medical staff working in club and school rugby. The Level 2 ICIR is aimed at providing health care and allied health care professionals working in rugby the ability to assess, stabilise and package for removal to a safe area awaiting the arrival of advanced care provision.

The course is 2-day, competency-based accreditation course for doctors and healthcare professionals, preparing them to provide optimal pitch side immediate trauma and medical care for players by standardising their approach, assessment and delivery of care.

The course is available for healthcare practitioners who are appropriately qualified and registered with AHPRA as a doctor, physio, nurse, or paramedic.

For those involved in Rugby (either with a team or match day) the cost for a Level 2 course will be $385 (including GST). For those not involved in Rugby the cost for a Level 2 is $1100 (including GST).

2022 Upcoming Courses

  • FULL 19/20 November in Brisbane (exact location TBC)
  • FULL 24/25 November @ Rugby AU Building, Moore Park Sydney
  • 8/9 December in Canberra (exact location TBC)

2023 Level 2 Courses

  • 9/10 February in Townsville
  • 16/17 February in Brisbane
  • 1/2 March in Melbourne
  • 23/24 March in Sydney
  • 20/21 April in Orange
  • 13/14 July in Newcastle
  • Mid-November in Brisbane
  • Late-November in Sydney

If you would like to register your interest for any of these courses or request additional information, please do so here.

Rugby AU also runs Level 3, Advanced Immediate Care in Rugby courses. For 2023 the Level 3 course will be 4-6 July in Canberra. Registration for this course is through this link above. For those involved in Rugby the cost of the course is $500 (+GST) and for those not involved in Rugby the cost is $1500 (+GST).