Player Dispensations

Rugby Australia is committed to providing rugby opportunities for all participants that are safe, inclusive and fair.

The safety of all participants must be the primary consideration in all participation decisions. The Rugby Australia Safety Policy details the commitment to this.
Rugby Australia Safety Policy

While rugby is considered a game for all, every effort must be made for rugby participants with broadly compatible physical development, in conjunction with ability and/or experience, to play with and against each other. The Rugby Australia Participation Policy details the starting position for creating such participation environments, and the accompanying Dispensation Policies provide the detail in the process.

Each of the below Dispensation pages provides you with detail on the processes and procedures in creating safe, inclusive and fair participation environments.
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Age Grade (inc. Size for Age)

Players aged 8 to 18 wanting (or are required) to play in an Age Grade other than their Actual Age Grade or a Single Age Grade above. This section includes the Size for Age guidelines.

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Senior Rugby

For players who are turning 16, 17 or 18 years of age, wanting to player Senior Grade rugby (including Colts).

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Mixed Gender

Players turning 13, 14 or 15 in the calendar year and wanting to play rugby in a gendered competition different to their own gender.

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U7 to U8

Players turning 7 in the calendar year wanting to play contact rugby in U8 Age Grade.

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Players with a physical and/or intellectual disability who wish to play in an appropriate Age Grade.

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Gender Identity

Players wanting to participate in a gender competition with which they identify.

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Schedule B

Dispensated players wanting to play in the Front Row in a Senior Grade, or an Age Grade 2 years above their Actual Age Grade.

Forms & Support Documents

Includes resources for Assessing Coaches and Decision Makers.