Codes and Policies

In the event of a suspected spinal injury or fatality the club or school must call the Serious Injury Case Manager (SICM) on 1800 036 156 in the first instance.

Rugby Australia acknowledges the importance of providing appropriate protocols, procedures, guidance and support to assist players, families and clubs in managing a serious injury or fatality within Rugby.

A Serious Injury is defined as any head of neck injury that results in a player being treated at an emergency department, hospital, or after-hours medical centre, or any injury that results in the admission of a player into hospital. (Note: This does not include players taken to an Emergency Department and allowed home from there).

A Serious Injury Report must then be completed within 48 hours of the injury.

The Serious Injury Protocol is to be followed in the event of a serious injury or fatality as below.

  1. Provide immediate on-field medical care and arrange suitable transportation (i.e. ambulance) to the hospital for the injured player.
  2. Club/school representative to phone the Rugby Australia Serious Injury Case Manager (SICM) on the Rugby Australia Hotline 1800 036 156. This number is a call back service and your details will be passed on to the SICM who will call you back ASAP. Please have all details of the incident ready to pass on to the SICM.
  3. SICM to establish initial contact with designated hotline caller to ascertain current status.
  4. SICM notifies Rugby AU General Manager (GM) of Community Rugby or designate of situation.
  5. SICM or GM notifies designated representative responsible for zone/region/state union (e.g.: New South Wales Country Rugby – Executive Officer).
  6. Designated representative responsible for zone/region/state is to establish one point of contact with the club/school/zone to coordinate situation (e.g.: President/Executive Officer).
  7. SICM or GM to notify Rugby AU Media Manager.
  8. SICM, GM and representative responsible for the zone/region/state to establish a process of support as required.

For further club, school and union responsibilities following the event as well as information of the Rugby Australia Welfare Fund please read the Serious Injury Protocol.

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