Codes and Policies

Injury Reporting
In the event of a suspected spinal injury or fatality the club or school must call the Serious Injury Case Manager (SICM) on 1800 036 156 in the first instance.

Rugby Australia takes player welfare seriously and acknowledges the importance of providing appropriate protocols, procedures, guidance and support to our participants and members. Rugby Australia classifies injuries as 'serious' or 'non-serious'. 

A serious injury is defined as:

- Any head or neck injury that results in a player being treated at an emergency department, hospital or after-hours medical centre, or

- Any injury that results in the admission of a player into hospital. Note: admission refers to player being admitted to hospital by the hospital registrar for ongoing treatment and/or follow-up, this does not include players taken to an Emergency Department and allowed home from there. 

A non- serious injury is defined as:

- Any other injury that prevents a player from participating in a match or training.

To report an injury please click on one of the buttons below. This should be completed as soon as practically possible following the injury:

In the event of a SUSPECTED SPINAL INJURY OR FATALITY you must follow the below steps:

  1. Provide immediate on-field medical care and arrange suitable transportation (i.e. ambulance) to the hospital for the injured participant
  2. Club/School Representative to phone the Rugby Australia Serious Incident Case Manager (SICM) on the Rugby Australia Hotline 1800 036 156. This number is a call back service and your details will be passed on to the SICM who will call you back ASAP
  3. Submit a Serious Injury Report via the form above. Note this does not have to be done at the time of the injury, this can be done in the days following the incident.

For help/assistance in submitting an Injury Report and potentially a subseqent Insurance Claim please view the Help Guide

For further information on the management of serious injuries, please view the Rugby Australia Serious Incident Management Protocol and Action Plan

A digital version of the A3 Concussion Management and Injury Reporting poster can be found here.

For insurance claims and information please view the Rugby Australia Insurance page or visit National Risk Management and Insurance Programme.