FOX clips innovation puts rugby in the hands of fans through Rugby Xplorer

Mon, May 27, 2019, 5:58 AM
Rugby Australia
by Rugby Australia
Introducing FOX Clips, a world first through the Rugby Xplorer App
Introducing FOX Clips, a world first through the Rugby Xplorer App

Fox Clips innovation puts rugby in the hands of fans, with world first clip sharing technology Fox clips to debut this weekend on Super Rugby.

Introducing FOX Clips – a world-first innovation from FOX SPORTS and Rugby Australia that lets fans share any rugby moment from TV. This will be the first time that a viewer of a live sports broadcast has had the power to create and share clips of sporting highlights with their friends on social media.

Available for anyone to use in Rugby Australia’s Xplorer app, FOX Clips uses proprietary image recognition technology to identify what program you are watching and then lets you turn it into a clip and share it.

“Fox Clips is yet another way that the Rugby Xplorer App brings fans closer to the game” said Adam Freier, Rugby Australia’s Head of Marketing and Digital. “Every fan has a unique perspective on the game and now they can share that with other fans using the Rugby Xplorer App and Fox Clips”

FOX Clips can only be used on any live FOX SPORTS channel broadcast of a rugby program, whether it is a live match, replay or magazine program. You could be watching FOX SPORTS on your TV at home, on your computer at work or even at the pub.

Using the Rugby Xplorer app, fans simply take a picture of their TV, edit their clip and share it. See a brilliant try or hilarious falcon? Share it on Twitter with friends in Australia. Catch your mate in the crowd at the game? Snap your TV and send it to him on Messenger.

“We’re always looking at new ways to enhance the fan experience,” said FOXSPORTS Head of Digital Brad Schultz. “FOX Clips is yet another innovation bringing our audience closer to the sports that they love by giving them full control of the experience from TV to mobile to social media.”

FOX Clips’ underlying technology, which has a patent pending, was developed by Snapscreen Application GmbH in Austria and has been licensed to FOX SPORTS by Snapscreen Australia.

“Snapscreen is delighted to continue our partnership with FOX SPORTS to support its relationship with Rugby Australia and bring this world first solution to rugby fans,” says Thomas Willomitzer, Founder and CEO of Snapscreen.

Download Rugby Xplorer on iOS or Android to get snapping then share your clips with all of your social tools including Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS and email.