Rugby Australia Showcases the true spirit of Rugby

by Rugby Australia

Today Rugby Australia launches phase three of the #PartofMore campaign showcasing a further five spectacular short films which delve deeper into the power of Rugby.  

Each one proves how the Rugby family is so much more than a game as it gives people from all walks of a life a place to belong.  

The first one shines the light on 25-year-old Kaitlyn whose spark was reignited after joining the NSW Wheelchair Rugby side.  

‘’It’s connected us because we’re people who wouldn’t be friends if it weren’t for Wheelchair Rugby… and it’s given me the confidence that you can still live a normal life in a chair,’’ said Kaitlyn.   

The second captures the incredible work of the Lloyd McDermott Rugby Development Team which started up more than two decades ago on a mission to provide more pathways for First Nations people.  

Wallabies legend and ‘Lloydies’ President Gary Ella said: ‘’It’s important that we have our boys and girls go on to play at the highest level…as it makes the Aboriginal people very proud to see young people coming through and doing well.’’  

The third film features 10-year-old Dylan who was born with Down Syndrome and found his place in the world through the Modified Rugby Program. Dylan has since become the shining star on the team and his passion epitomises what Rugby is all about.  

The fourth series focuses on Andrew from the Melbourne Rugby Union Football Club who courageously shares his story about coming out to his club and being welcomed with open arms.  

‘’I just wanted to play with quality players…and know that if I gave everything I had we could enjoy a good laugh after the game.’’  

The final piece offers insight into the impact the Classic Wallabies visits have on local communities and how their work is inspiring the next generation of stars.  

The short films were completed in February, 2019 in partnership with who are a Sydney based digital agency.