Junior Rugby (Under 16s) Championship

· U19 Rugby Championship
by Rugby Australia

2019 Junior Rugby (Under 16s) Championship Results

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Pool A: New South Wales I, Queensland White, Brumbies, Western Australia

Pool B: Queensland Maroon, New South Wales II, Victoria, Barbarians 



New South Wales II 33 defeated the Barbarians 17

Queensland Maroon 50 defeated Victoria 10

New South Wales I 47 defeated Brumbies 5

Queensland White 14 defeated by Western Australia 22


Western Australia 24 defeated by New South Wales I 66

Queensland Maroon 24 defeated the Barbarians 12

Queensland White 10 defeated by the Brumbies 13

Victoria 17 drew with New South Wales II 17 


Brumbies v Western Australia - 10.00am

Barbarians v Victoria - 11.30am

New South Wales II v Queensland Maroon - 1.00pm 

New South Wales I v Queensland White - 2.30pm


Pool A 4th v Pool B 4th - 9.30am

Pool A 3rd v Pool B 3rd - 9.30am

Pool A 2nd v Pool B 2nd - 11.00am

Pool A 1st v Pool B 1st - 12.30pm