Rugby teams up to tackle health and wellbeing in new partnership with Benestar

by Rugby Australia

Australia’s Rugby organisations have come together to enhance the focus on health and wellbeing in the workplace through a new partnership with Benestar Group.

Rugby Australia, in conjunction with its Member Unions, RUPA and the Classic Wallabies have partnered with Benestar to implement a holistic health, wellbeing and performance assistance program for all staff, players and their families across each organisation.

For over 30 years, Benestar has championed the unlimited potential of good health and its link to performance. Through its tailored assistance programs, it aims to make health and wellbeing an effortless and everyday proposition for each organisation it partners with.

Players, staff and their families can access free personal, confidential support, guidance, and counsel, to navigate their way through life. Whether it be challenging issues, or to help enhance their wellbeing, relationships, work-life balance, mental health, nutrition, sleep, or overall health, the holistic assistance program is tailored to support the needs of every individual.

The program also offers individuals guidance on workplace issues, and formulating strategies to manage financial challenges, stress and anxiety, as well as family issues such as violence, grief, and hardship. Support is provided through expert clinicians, counsellors and advisors either face-to-face, via phone, video, learning modules, online live chat, and through the Benestar app.

Rugby Australia Chief Executive, Raelene Castle said: “Across the entire Rugby community mental health and wellbeing is in sharp focus and this partnership with Benestar will assist us to continue to drive positive outcomes in this area and enhance our support for all players, employees and past players.

“What appealed to us about Benestar was the depth of its program, covering all aspects of health and wellbeing including physical and mental health, financial, relationships, work, and family life. It is a broad program with an individual focus, delivered via a range of channels to make it easily and readily accessible.

“The key to this partnership with Benestar is that it is across the sport nationally. The support is available to everyone who is employed within our national and state organisations as well as the Rugby Union Players’ Association and our past Wallabies through the Classic Wallabies."

Rugby Union Players Association CEO, Justin Harrison said: “This partnership recognises a very important piece of the necessity to provide members of our Rugby eco-system with access to confidential services that recognise and support the person in every athlete and staff member. RUPA is pleased to support this initiative with Rugby Australia as we continue to develop best practice in wellbeing and development programs.”

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