Statement from the Chairman and CEO of Rugby Australia regarding RUPA discussions

by Rugby Australia

Rugby Australia is continuing its negotiations with the Rugby Union Players Association (RUPA) in good faith regarding a short term pay deal with players.

These negotiations have unfortunately been brought about as a result of the devastating impacts of the global COVID-19 health and now economic crisis, the circumstances of which have decimated global sport and business at all levels.

Rugby Australia today provided RUPA with the specific financial information requested that is directly related to the current financial situation facing the game as a result of this global pandemic.

Following further discussions over the past 24 hours, Rugby Australia believes the financial information it has provided today allows RUPA to accurately advise the players on these negotiations.

Rugby Australia has and will continue to act in the best interests of all its members, including players, for the greater good of the game. It has made significant cuts across the game, with cost savings of over 75% as a result of the announcements made earlier in the week on changes to its workforce.

RUPA has today accepted an invitation to meet with Rugby Australia at 2pm AEDT tomorrow (Sunday) and we look forward to reaching a fair and reasonable agreement given the current circumstances the game is facing.