Rugby Australia joins forces with RefLive to improve the match day experience

New to Rugby in Australia the RefLIVE Management system is designed for Referee Managers, Referee Coaches and Referees.

The online platform enables Match Officials to be supported in a more localised and strategic way and is now used by a variety of state and national sports associations around the world.

The Referee Management System will alert Referee Managers and Referee Coaches to referees that require additional support using real time data.

This data will also be available to Competition Managers to enhance the relationship between both stakeholders and provide increased accountability and education for negative team behaviour.

Rugby Australia General Manager of Community Rugby Michael Procajlo said: “The introduction of RefLIVE is an example of our increased support for Match Officials as well as our commitment to enhancing the match day environment.

“The RefLIVE system is extremely user friendly, and we’ve already had thousands of community officials sign onto the program giving us the feedback we need to move forward

“We want to ensure every Match Official has the support they need and that means we need every Match Official to sign on and start using RefLIVE.”

RefLIVE CEO Simon Murphy said: “This a great step forward to work with Rugby’s national governing body in Australia to proactively help retain more referees and improve the welfare of our officials.

“We’ve been able to capture a huge amount of data nationwide and there is significant hope that we can better understand the journey that referees go through, and enable better support to be provided for referees at all stages of their officiating careers.

Further information about RefLIVE’s Referee Management System can be accessed here.