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Scrumhalf passing kneeling

Scrumhalf passing kneelingScrum Half

Focusing on the upper body requirements, this activity develops the scrumhalf pass.
No. 9 pass - roll and call

No. 9 pass - roll and callScrum Half

This activity works on the halfback clearing pass through phase play and looks to develop accuracy through a variety of pass depth and length.
Scrumhalf pass open

Scrumhalf pass openScrum Half

This drill focuses on movement to ball and the pass of the scrumhalf.
Hooker ball strike

Hooker ball strikeHooker

This is a closed skill to develop a Hooker's strike for the ball.
Lineout Throw

Lineout ThrowHooker

This is a closed skill to develop lineout throw technique and it is a good warm-up for all Hookers.
Lineout Jump Support

Lineout Jump SupportJumping Pod

This is a closed skill to develop safe lineout pod technique for jumpers and supporters.
Lineout Pod 1

Lineout Pod 1Jumping Pod

This closed skill focuses on the player's ability to perform a lineout jump and support safely.
GIR Six Principles of the Scrum

Six Principles of the ScrumForwards

Players must understand that by working through the six-principles, they are ensuring they have correct, safe body shape when scrummaging
GIR Engagement 1 - Static

Engagement 1 - StaticForwards

Players focus on maintaining body shape and the six principles through pre/in/after engagement.
GIR  Engagement 2 - Dynamic

Engagement 2 - DynamicForwards

Players focus on the six principles are maintained to ensure weight transfer during a scrum.
GIR Kick Ball Reflex

Kick Ball ReflexBack Three

Practice hand eye coordination and optimal body position with unpredictable ball bounces and pick ups
GIR Kick Ball Reflex - Extension 1

Kick Ball Reflex - Extension 1Back Three

Work in pairs to regather possession and communicate with a focus on depth in attack and timing
GIR Kick Ball Reflex - Extension 2

Kick Ball Reflex - Extension 2Back Three

This extension activity adds in a defender to simulate defensive pressure to promote decision making in game play
GIR Kick Ball Reflex - Extension 3

Kick Ball Reflex - Extension 3Back Three

This activity is a variation to add focus on protecting the ball, body and hand preparation, support depth, quick decision making and timing
Punt kick - Approach

Punt kick - ApproachKicking

Stephen Larkham and Peter Breen look at the importance of a player's approach for an effective punt kick.
Punt kick - Ball drop

Punt kick - Ball dropKicking

Peter Breen looks at the importance of the 'ball drop' for an effective punt kick.
Punt kick - Follow through

Punt kick - Follow throughKicking

Peter Breen discusses the importance of the follow through for an effective punt kick.