Unstructured Attack

Rugby IQ Game - Pick and PlaceRugby IQ

Rugby IQ Game - One out touchRugby IQ

Bad Pass start GameAttack / Defense

This game develops the skills learnt in the Bad Pass drill, allowing players the opportunity to develop confidence when receiving a bad pass in a game situation.
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Robbies DrillAttack / Defense

This game provides works with an overload attack under time pressure. Build the decision-making ability of your players in attack and defense through catch-pass-support and defensive connections.
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Offside TouchAttack

This activity promotes players angled running, identifying space and moving into space while at pace
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Double touchAttack

Develop the game sense of carrying through contact and attacking support lines that win these games with this variation on traditional touch.

Continuous Attack gameAttack

A primer game that assists to develop unstructured attack player capability.

Channel touchAttack

Tailor no-go zones to your players to develop their movement off the ball and passing skills.

Kill touchAttack

Create a sense of urgency among your players with this turnover variation where the player that wins the balls plays with it.

GD Space Finder GameAttack

This activity promotes players identifying and moving into space while at pace.
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Wisey Two-BallAttack / Defense

This game provides the template for a coach to identify the outcomes they want from their team in attack and defense, and work them under fatigue to develop their decision-making skills.
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Multi-sport rumbleDefense

A fun variation of offside touch that develops skills and spatial awareness in a dynamic scenario.

Counter attack - Kick chaseAttack

A game that will develop your teams ability to exploit counter attacking opportunities across multiple phases scenarios.

3v5 Kick chaseDefense

A game that develops a players ability to connect and align correctly in defence.

5v3 Counter defenceDefense

A scenario with the defense outnumbered that tests the ability of players to work together in defense to take the space.

5v3+1 Counter defenceDefense

A progression that brings a second line of defense into play. Communication here will develop spatial awareness in defense.

1v1 Ball Carry - Into Contact with Support - Extension 2Contact & Tackle Contest

This activity focuses on offloading decisions while going through contact and supporting
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1v1 Ball Carry - Pop Pass - Extension 3Contact & Tackle Contest

This activity is an introduction to a pop pass focusing on continuity, depth and support play
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Tackle contest body shape multi-threatDefense

Unstructured breakdown game that can be tailored to team need and ability which will test decision making and technique in equal measure.