Get Into Rugby

Catch and Protect

181221 GIR 4 copy

Ball familiarisationBasic

This activity allows participants to learn the various ways they can secure a ball in the air and off the ground.
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Ball handling relaysBasic

Build confidence will ball in hand while moving.

Buddy upIntermediate

This activity focuses on attack and defence that relies on communication skills, running into space.
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This a fantastic attack and defense activity that tests innovation, speed and agility, while teaching participants to read different scenarios and cues
GIR Lineout throw competition

Lineout throw competitionBasic

This exercise teaches overhead throwing and testing distance vs accuracy. A perfect introduction to line out throwing.
GIR Partner Tag

Partner tagBasic

This is a fun way to teach evasion, special awareness and movement while under pressure. This activity also introduces tracking and defence skills.

Passing unders and oversBasic

Participants learn ball handling skills, teamwork and the importance of communication. It is an introduction to hand positions when handling a football.
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Rob the nestBasic

The team with the best strategy and the quickest feet will win this one. Rob the nest challenges participants to think and plan each move while in a race against the other team
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Round the bendAdvanced

This game focuses on attack, evasion and shutting down space in defence. Attackers have a high chance of scoring and defenders are encouraged to make split decisions.
GIR Scatter Tag

Scatter TagAdvanced

This activity is fantastic for learning reactive decision making in a game scenario. Scatter tag focuses on identifying space in attack and filling space in defence.
181227 GIR Mid 7

Tag ball gameBasic

This is an introduction to Rugby game play involving attackers and defence. It aims to promote communication and team work
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Tricky Try LinesIntermediate

This games teaches participants to make quick attacking and defending decisions while focusing on evasion and tracking.
181227 GIR Mid 7

1v1 TagIntermediate

Participants will learn both attack and defence decision making in a 1v1 scenario

30 second team wavesAdvanced

A fast paced activity that focuses on decision making under fatigue as well as quick transitions from attack to defence in game play scenarios
181227 GIR Lower 2

4 x 2 invasion tagIntermediate

From this activity, participants will learn to identify and fill space in attack and defence while learning to cope with pressure in a modified game scenario.
181227 GIR Mid 7

51% 1v1Intermediate

A fantastic activity to practice both attack and defence decision making in a 1v1 scenario
GIR 5x5 Ball Take

5x5 ball takeIntermediate

This small sided game will help develop attack and defence skills while focusing on teamwork, communication and decision making.
GIR 7x7


Sharpen your participants quick hands, speed, evasion and passing under pressure. Modify the pitch size for different outcomes or abilities