Get Into Rugby

Momentum, Movement & Agility

GIR Agility Race

Agility racesBasic

Practice your fancy footwork and direction changes while competing against your group. Get creative with adding in different scenarios and levels of difficulty depending on the ability of the group.
181221 GIR 3 copy

Animal walk relayBasic

This activity allows for creativity while learning body position, shape, balance and movement in changing environments.
181221 GIR 4 copy

Ball familiarisationBasic

This activity allows participants to learn the various ways they can secure a ball in the air and off the ground.
181221 GIR 2 copy

Ball handling relaysBasic

Build confidence will ball in hand while moving.

Baseball rugbyBasic

Baseball rugby highlights the importance of team work and communication while using your catch, pass and kicking skills under pressure.
181227 GIR Lower 6

Boundary passBasic

A great repetition activity that helps participants gain confidence with passing both left and right and learning the importance of depth/positioning on attack

Buddy upIntermediate

This activity focuses on attack and defence that relies on communication skills, running into space.
181227 GIR Mid 5

Bugs and spidersBasic

This activity is fantastic for learning reactive decision making in a game scenario. Bugs and Spiders focuses on identifying space in attack and filling space in defence.

Circle dodge ballBasic

This game is excellent for reaction time and awareness focusing on movement and balance in an unpredictable environment.
GIR Cockroaches and Exterminators

Cockroaches and ExterminatorsIntermediate

A fun game of Tag that focuses on carrying the ball in two hands, special awareness and running into space and filling space. It is also a great intro to the tackle contest

Flip itBasic

Flip it is a fun warm up game to teach problem solving, identifying space and team work.
GIR Footy Flags

Footy FlagsBasic

This activity concentrates on reaction speed, balance and quickly recovering to your feet from being on the ground

Fruit SaladBasic

This is a great introductory game to teach reaction time and agility.
GIR Guard the Castle

Guard the castleIntermediate

This fun game focuses on teaching participants identifying and filling gaps within a defensive line

Lineout jump & landBasic

Practice the skills of jumping and landing in a line out situation.
GIR Mad Flags

Mad FlagsBasic

This high energy game focuses on running into space and filling space for both attacking and defense. It’s a great introduction to tracking and chasing
GIR Partner Tag

Partner tagBasic

This is a fun way to teach evasion, special awareness and movement while under pressure. This activity also introduces tracking and defence skills.

Passing unders and oversBasic

Participants learn ball handling skills, teamwork and the importance of communication. It is an introduction to hand positions when handling a football.
181221 GIR 2 copy

Rob the nestBasic

The team with the best strategy and the quickest feet will win this one. Rob the nest challenges participants to think and plan each move while in a race against the other team
181227 GIR Mid 7

Rugby end ballBasic

This activity helps participants learn to find space and make decisions while progressing the ball up the field to score. Make the field bigger or smaller or vary the rules to change up the activity.
181227 GIR Lower 5 (1)

Rugby octopusBasic

Test your evasion skills and speed, Rugby Octopus teaches participants to identify and run through gaps as well as special awareness
181221 GIR 4 copy

Safety zoneIntermediate

Is a fun attack vs defence activity and is an introduction to kick return. Participants will learn how to catch, carry, defend and move while being introduced to teamwork and communication.
GIR Scatter Tag

Scatter TagAdvanced

This activity is fantastic for learning reactive decision making in a game scenario. Scatter tag focuses on identifying space in attack and filling space in defence.

Stuck in the mudBasic

This traditional favourite focuses on speed, agility and evasion.
181227 GIR Mid 7

Tag ball gameBasic

This is an introduction to Rugby game play involving attackers and defence. It aims to promote communication and team work
181227 GIR Mid 2

Tricky Try LinesIntermediate

This games teaches participants to make quick attacking and defending decisions while focusing on evasion and tracking.

Wallaby, Wallaby, WallarooBasic

A fun, popular game which teaches reaction time, speed and tracking