Get Into Rugby

Pass and Throw

181227 GIR Lower 2

4 x 2 invasion tagIntermediate

From this activity, participants will learn to identify and fill space in attack and defence while learning to cope with pressure in a modified game scenario.
181221 GIR 2 copy


Use small sided games to build on fitness levels, ensure participants are getting more touches of the ball and are more engaged in the activity.
GIR 5x5 Ball Take

5x5 ball takeIntermediate

This small sided game will help develop attack and defence skills while focusing on teamwork, communication and decision making.
GIR 7x7


Sharpen your participants quick hands, speed, evasion and passing under pressure. Modify the pitch size for different outcomes or abilities
GIR 10 Pass Complete

10 Pass CompleteIntermediate

This fun game highlights the importance of space and accurate, consistent passing

30 second team wavesAdvanced

A fast paced activity that focuses on decision making under fatigue as well as quick transitions from attack to defence in game play scenarios
181221 GIR 4 copy

Ball familiarisationBasic

This activity is This activity allows participants to learn the various ways they can secure a ball in the air and off the ground.a simple way to experiment with different ways to pass a football between pairs back to back. Participants need to communicate and be creative with different ways to pass the ball between each other.
181227 Samu GIR

Ball runnerIntermediate

This is a great game to test reaction skills, speed and agility. This is an introduction to track and chase in defence

Baseball rugbyBasic

Baseball rugby highlights the importance of team work and communication while using your catch, pass and kicking skills under pressure.
181227 GIR Lower 6

Boundary passBasic

A great repetition activity that helps participants gain confidence with passing both left and right and learning the importance of depth/positioning on attack

Buddy upIntermediate

This activity focuses on attack and defence that relies on communication skills, running into space.
GIR Cross the Creek

Cross the CreekBasic

This activity focuses on passing over multiple varying distances from both sides of the body.
181227 GIR Lower 2

Flying VBasic

Quick passes and learning to pass both left and right are the key skills incorporated into the Flying V activity.
GIR  Lineout count

Lineout countBasic

This game is an introduction to the line out and involves clearing the ball from the set piece.
181227 GIR Lower 3 (1)

Lineout islandIntermediate

This is an introduction to lineout throwing and jumping while trying to avoid defenders intercepting the overhead throws.

Lineout leader ballBasic

Participants practice catching and passing skills within a lineout situation.
181227 GIR Lower 3

Lineout practiceBasic

This game is an introduction to the line out and involves clearing the ball from the set piece, rotating participants around each position.
GIR Lineout throw competition

Lineout throw competitionBasic

This exercise teaches overhead throwing and testing distance vs accuracy. A perfect introduction to line out throwing.
GIR Machine Gun Ball

Machine Gun BallBasic

This activity focuses on passing technique, accuracy and speed
181227 GIR Mid 4

Passing chainBasic

Practice passing and catching skills while working in a team. This activity has a focus on alignment while passing both to the left and right.
181227 GIR Lachlan

Passing circle gameBasic

Beat the ball! This classic chase game focuses on speed and passing accuracy to try and win the race. Add in obstacles or more balls to mix up the game.

Passing unders and oversBasic

Participants learn ball handling skills, teamwork and the importance of communication. It is an introduction to hand positions when handling a football.
181221 GIR 2 copy

Rugby roundersBasic

Practice your offload skills and fast passing skills in a race against the other team.
181227 GIR Mid 8

Square SquareBasic

This activity is about identifying space for attack support and being aware in defence. Vary the square size to add more of a challenge.
181227 GIR Mid 7

Tag ball gameBasic

This is an introduction to Rugby game play involving attackers and defence. It aims to promote communication and team work