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Momentum, Movement & Agility

GIR Lower Running

4 x 2 invasion tagIntermediate

From this activity, participants will learn to identify and fill space in attack and defence while learning to cope with pressure in a modified game scenario.
GIR 10 Pass Complete

10 Pass CompleteIntermediate

This fun game highlights the importance of space and accurate, consistent passing
GIR Catch & Counter #1

Catch & Counter #1Intermediate

This activity highlights the importance of running lines, creating space and communication in both attack and defence
GIR Catch & Counter #2

Catch & Counter #2Intermediate

This activity practices attack and defence from a kick return while highlighting the importance of support players
GIR Clean Out Relay

Clean Out RelayIntermediate

This extension relay and activity adds further complexity by introducing a ball at ground level to successful negotiate
GIR Continuous Attack

Continuous Attack Basic

This activity promotes running with the ball in two hands and evasion. This is also a great introduction to defensive communication
GIR Continuous Attack with Support

Continuous Attack: With SupportIntermediate

This extension activity highlights the requirement for attacking alignment and realignment and this importance of communication
GIR Continuous Cleanout

Continuous Clean OutIntermediate

This activity additionally adds decision making in a cleanout environment as there are multiple targets and the ball to contend with
GIR Guard the Castle

Guard the CastleIntermediate

This fun game focuses on teaching participants identifying and filling gaps within a defensive line
GIR Hit the Shield Relay

Hit Shield RelayIntermediate

This relay introduces tackling, contact and the cleanout
GIR Mad Flags

Mad FlagsBasic

This high energy game focuses on running into space and filling space for both attacking and defence. It’s a great introduction to tracking and chasing
GIR Offside Touch

Offside TouchIntermediate

This activity promotes players angled running, identifying space and moving into space while at pace
GIR Pinball


This activity introduces players to contact and promotes strength, balance and evasion
GIR Scatter Tag

Scatter TagAdvanced

This activity is fantastic for learning reactive decision making in a game scenario. Scatter tag focuses on identifying space in attack and filling space in defence.
GIR Steal the Pill

Steal the Pill - PassiveBasic

This is an introductory activity to teach participants the basics of the tackle contest and the concept of the ‘gate’ and ball presentation
GIR Steal the Pill - Contest

Steal the Pill - ContestBasic

This is activity provides context and game relevance to ‘steal the pill passive’. The focus is on ball presentation and ‘the gate’ with additional decision making with a defender introduced. This introduces body shape and height into the tackle contest
GIR Two Ball Touch 7s

Two Ball Touch 7sIntermediate

This action packed activity focuses on alignment and realignment in both attack and defence