Get Into Rugby

Run & Evade

GIR 1 Touch

1 TouchAdvanced

Promote attacking and defending alignment and realignment during fast transitions and under fatigue
GIR 1v1 Ball Carrier

1v1 Ball Carry - Stationary DefenderIntermediate

This focuses on the attacker’s agility and making a quick decision to run the optimum line, hitting the space while protecting the ball
GIR 1v1 Ball Carry - Into Contact - Extension 1

1v1 Ball Carry - Into Contact - Extension 1Intermediate

This activity promotes good leg drive while attacking through defenders
1v1 Ball Carry - Into Contact with Support - Extension 2

1v1 Ball Carry - Into Contact with Support - Extension 2Intermediate

This activity focuses on offloading decisions while going through contact and supporting
1v1 Ball Carry - Pop Pass - Extension 3

1v1 Ball Carry - Pop Pass - Extension 3Intermediate

This activity is an introduction to a pop pass focusing on continuity, depth and support play
GIR 2v1 Counter Attack

2v1 Counter AttackIntermediate

2v1 promotes alignment and catch/pass skills while under defensive pressure
GIR 2v2 Counter Attack

2v2 Counter AttackIntermediate

Players are introduced to unstructured attack kick return and navigating fragmented defence
GIR 3v1v2


A further extension activity to test players with differing attacking and defensive scenarios
GIR 4v4


Use small sided games to build on fitness levels, ensure participants are getting more touches of the ball and are more engaged in the activity.
GIR 5v4 Pyramid

5v4 PyramidIntermediate

This activity focuses on decision making in attack and defence while introducing participants to real game scenarios, thinking under fatigue and the importance of continuity
GIR 5x5 Ball Take

5x5 ball takeIntermediate

This small sided game will help develop attack and defence skills while focusing on teamwork, communication and decision making.
GIR 7x7


Sharpen your participants quick hands, speed, evasion and passing under pressure. Modify the pitch size for different outcomes or abilities
GIR Attack Square

Attack Square - Coloured SidesIntermediate

Alignment, drawing and passing and identifying and running into space is practiced in this activity
GIR Catch and Counter #1

Catch & Counter #1Intermediate

This activity highlights the importance of running lines, creating space and communication in both attack and defence
GIR Catch & Counter #2

Catch & Counter #2Intermediate

This activity practices attack and defence from a kick return while highlighting the importance of support players
GIR Coloured Marker Attack

Coloured Marker AttackIntermediate

This promotes attacking decision making from differing positions on the field
GIR Drop Out Defence

Drop Out DefenceAdvanced

This activity promotes quick thinking, fast transitions and straight running lines
GIR Kick Out

Kick OutIntermediate

Learn to identify space and move to space while in differing defensive/attacking situations
GIR Kick Returns

Kick ReturnsIntermediate

This introduces unstructured attack and provides players with decision making scenarios
GIR Mad Flags

Mad FlagsBasic

This high energy game focuses on running into space and filling space for both attacking and defence. It’s a great introduction to tracking and chasing
GIR Offside Touch

Offside TouchIntermediate

This activity promotes players angled running, identifying space and moving into space while at pace
GIR Partner Tag

Partner TagIntermediate

This is a fun way to teach evasion, special awareness and movement while under pressure. This activity also introduces tracking and defence skills.
GIR Pinball


This activity introduces players to contact and promotes strength, balance and evasion
GIR Touch 7s

Two Ball Touch 7sIntermediate

This action packed activity focuses on alignment and realignment in both attack and defence