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RefLive Introduction Video

RefLIVE is Rugby AU’s NEW referee review platform. It will allow both referees and referee coaches to review matches to facilitate development. It will also allow for associations to monitor the welfare of the match officials more regularly.
Referee Mauls

Ruck and maul positioning

Referee positioning can be quite personal, but there are some benefits to be gained from different positions. Oli Kellett takes us through some of those options.
Ref Hoffman

5m Scrum Battle

Rohan Hoffmann passes on his tips and areas of focus when we are faced with a scrum 5m out from the try line, with potential Penalty Try scenarios.
Angus Gardner has been named NSW Sport's official of the year. Photo: Getty Images

Lineout Positioning

Angus Gardner joins us to discuss best practice positioning at lineout time, with a focus on how to set and keep the gap.
Red Card

Match Official Abuse

Match Official abuse is something that we need to deal with. Whether it be a player on the field of play, or someone off-field, like a coach/parent/spectator, we need to know what course of action to take. This video looks to cover off some of the options available to us as referees.
Berry Interaction Referee


Nic Berry joins us to take us through a small part of the broader communication piece, particular captain interactions.
Grass Cutter Tackle

‘Grass cutter’ tackles

Lara West takes a look at these tackles, a form of tackle whereby the defender makes no effort to grasp the ball carrier.
No Arms tackle

No arms tackles

Shoulder charge? No arms tackle? Failing to wrap? James Palmer takes a look at this area of Foul Play, including the definition in law.

Lineout to ‘No Maul’

This video takes a look at what referees should focus on when the non-throwing team chooses to stand off and not engage in a potential maul situation.
U19 Scrum

Pre-match scrum chat U19

Harry Fenton joins us to give us his perspective on the pre-match chats for scrums, but applied to Under 19 games.
Lifting Tackle

Lifting tacklesNew!

The lifting tackle has the potential for serious injury and an ensuing melee. James Marshall passes on some hints for this area of the game.
Amber McLachlan

Incorrect kick-offs

Amber McLachlan takes us through the options to the non-offending team for incorrect kick-off and restart kicks.
Tom Nicholl

Decision making framework for High Tackles

Tom Nicholl explores World Rugby's 2019 release of the framework for high tackles.
Brett Conan

Pre-match Captain chat

Brett Cronan gives us some tips on the pre-match chat with team captains. An important relationship to build early to give yourself the best chance of success.
Richard Manchee

Foul Play Interactions

Richard Manchee shares his thoughts on managing interactions as part of a Team of 3.
Ruck Law Referee

Ruck Law

Graham Cooper builds on his tackle law video, and now breaks down the ruck
Dennis Beissner Sideline Ref

Assistant Refereeing

Aaron Pook talks through a key role in our game, and shares some tips.
Tom Nicholl

Kick-off and restart kicks

James Quinn takes a look at both the kick-off and restart kicks.
Tackle Referee


Graham Cooper overviews this important aspect of the game.
Reuben Keane

Try scoring

Reuben Keane talks about positioning and his priorities when close to the goal line.
Amy Perrett

Lineout to Maul

Amy Perrett details the key areas to focus on as the lineout transitions to a maul.
SA Referees


Amy Perrett outlines her approach to the lineout contest.
Jordan Way

Pre-match scrum chat Seniors

Jordan Way takes us through his pre-match chat with front rowers.
Damon Murphy

Half-time game plan

Damon Murphy discusses his approach to get the most out of the half-time break.