Q&A Webinar with Rugby Australia’s World Series Sevens RefereesNew!

Brendan McKibbin hosts a Q&A with Amy Perrett, Damon Murphy and Jordan Way

Understanding and Applying Under 19 LawNew

Here is some guidance on refereeing and implementing law at the Under 19 level.
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Q&A Webinar with Nic Berry and Mitch Chapman

Webinar with World Cup Referee Nic Berry and Mitch Chapman the National Referee Coach

Game Management Guidelines 2020

An overview of key focus areas of the game.
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Referee Profile with Dr Clare MacMahon

Dr MacMahon talks about her work on Referee cognition and performance under pressure.
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Referee Coach Philosophy

This webinar explores the approach to coaching, and how to best assist our referees.

Q&A Webinar with Angus Gardner and Mitch Chapman

A candid discussion with one of our leading referees and coaches.