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Update - 29 June 2021
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Sent to Rugby Xplorer admins on Tuesday 29 June 2021. 

Rugby Xplorer

Check out the latest referee appointment system updates in Rugby Xplorer. 

Referee Appointment System
  • Send-off report updates include:
  1. The player’s club, competition and Match Official name has been added to the report in the admin portal
  2. Player’s name can be edited by admins.
  3. ‘Name withheld’ players appear in the drop-down list to be selected with their actual name.
  4. Club and association admins are notified of send-off.
  5. The downloadable form includes player’s team and competition, rather than team and club. 
  6. Match official’s name and role also appears on the form (auto filled from the referee’s appointment).
  • Ability for Appointment Board Admins to edit unavailability
  1. Appointment Board Admins can select a member of the appointment board and view/edit/add unavailability for that member via the Referees > Referee Availability page. 
  2. Two options include adding unavailable dates and/or adding recurring unavailability. This mirrors the individual’s ability to add their own unavailability in the Rugby Portal. 
  • Referee Unavailability Report update
  1. This report now shows any referee whose unavailability fits any part of the selected date range.
  • Email appointment notifications for linked accounts 
  1. Where a ‘child’ account is sent an appointment notification the ‘parent’ account will also receive the notification.
  2. Where a referee is under the age of 18, both linked accounts receive appointment notifications, provided both accounts have unique email addresses attached.  . 
  • Related teams 
  1. Registered referees can add ‘Related Teams’ to their profile through the Rugby Portal. Appointment Board Admins can also add Related teams via the Referees > Referee Related Team page. 
  2. Referees/Appointment Board admins can select one or multiple teams that the referee is related to. The list of team’s links to the competition table and any change to the team in the competition table (for example, name) will amend the related teams list and any existing team relationships.
  3. The referee will be unavailable for appointment to fixtures for which their related team(s) are playing in. This means the referee will not appear in the list of available referees to the Appointment Board Admin, unless the Appointment Board Admin selects the ‘Include all referees’ box, then the referee would become available for appointment to their related team’s fixture.

Referee Appointment System Webinar
  • Register for the next Referee online webinar here
  • Where: Zoom
  • When: Wednesday 30 June 2021
  • Time: 7.30pm (Sydney time)

Registration Refund Requests
  • Have you checked all your ‘pending’ Registration Refund Requests in Rugby Xplorer?
  • The ‘Credits & Refunds Process’ self-help guide explains the process and requires all four entities (club, association, state and national) to review the request before it is processed.
  • Remember, to provide a ‘cash refund’ your entity will require an Entity Card setup in the admin portal that is valid with sufficient funds setup in Rugby Xplorer (Payment Settings > Entity Card). Otherwise, you can provide a Rugby Xplorer Credit or decline the request (with a note) and process offline. 

Learning Centre
  • Rugby’s Learning Centre transition is now complete. You can continue your learning via the Learning Centre available in the Rugby Portal.

Coming Soon
  • Referee Fixture email notification update. 
  • Notifications & Communication enhancements. 
  • Competition Management enhancements. 

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