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Update - August 2021
Rugby Xplorer

Sent to Rugby Xplorer admins on Monday 6 September 2021. 

Rugby Xplorer

Have your say about what functionality you want to see in Rugby Xplorer. 

Development Requirement Gathering
  • Rugby Xplorer is continually evolving, let us know what developments you would like to see implemented into the system. 
  • Your submissions will be collated and discussed with the Rugby Advisory Committee where they are prioritised and scheduled for development, if deemed essential.  
  • The Rugby Advisory Committee is a group of 12 representations from all Member Unions who provide a voice for the clubs in their jurisdiction whilst providing a clear direction and recommendations for the system. 
  • Submit your requirement here
  • Submissions close on Friday 15 October 2021. 

Rugby Events
  • Rugby Event Organisers can now split team registration payments into two, a deposit and final instalment. 
  • Note, this functionality is available in the web version and will be available in the Rugby Xplorer app in the next update (available in the next two weeks). 
  • ‘Rugby Events Admin Setup’ and ‘Rugby Events Registration’ self-help guides have been updated and are available here

Rugby Portal & Rugby Xplorer App
  • Update your Rugby Xplorer app now!
  • MyRugby ID has replaced your age on your profile page, under your profile picture. 
  • Overseas mobile numbers can now be verified. Note, individuals with overseas mobile numbers are unable to receive an SMS to reset their password. 
  • Headings now appear for WWC number, WWC expiry date, school, height and weight. 
  • Jersey numbers will appear on the ‘match stats’ page and all team officials (coach, manager, medical, ground marshal and/or assistant referee) will appear in the team lineups.

Report Updates
  • Squad List Report now includes MyRugby ID and email addresses of players and team officials. 
  • Association and Club admins can download the Contact Report, which also includes Salesforce ID, StatEdge ID, Role, Club Name and Club ID. 
  • Injury and Incident Detail Report displays the Referee, AR1, AR2, No4, No5, TMO and Referee Coach. 
  • Organisation Tree Report indicates if an entity has setup their Entity Card plus Facebook and Website details for Clubs, as per the ‘My Club’ page. 

Rugby Xplorer Club Donations
  • Rugby Xplorer allows individuals to make a tax-deductible donation to your club through the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) when registering. The donations are forwarded to the ASF, who issues a tax-deductible receipt to each donor. Then, provided the club is signed up with the ASF, the money will be granted to the club.
  • Donors have received their tax-deductible receipt for FY21, to the email connected with their registration.
  • More than 300 clubs received a donation. To check on the status of your Club, download the Registration Report and look for the ‘Club Donation Amount’ column. 
  • To receive these donation funds now or in the future, your club will need to be registered with the ASF. Clubs who are already registered will be contacted directly by the ASF with clear instructions regarding any action the club needs to take to receive payment. This may include setting up a project or reviewing/providing club bank account details.
  • If your club is not yet registered with the ASF, to receive this season’s donation funds you’ll need to sign up here before 30 September 2021. This is free, will only take 5-10 minutes and you’ll receive a welcome email from the ASF with next steps.  
  • Any donation that cannot be allocated to a club project with the ASF by 30 September will be allocated to the Australian Rugby Foundation’s Classic Wallabies Coaching Clinics.
  • If your club didn’t receive donations this year but would like to encourage your members to donate this way next year, you can sign up with the ASF at any time. This will also enable you to set up a fundraising campaign and online donations page that can be used to collect donations for the club from all supporters.
  • To learn more about the Australian Sports Foundation, click here or contact their Fundraising Support Team at or on 02 5112 0990. 


Coming Soon
  • Rugby Xplorer app update. 
  • Online dispensations. 
  • Registration updates. 

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