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Update - July 2021
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Sent to Rugby Xplorer admins on Friday 20 July 2021. 

Rugby Xplorer

Finals are fast approaching. 

Rugby Match Day App
  • Ensure you have updated your Rugby Match Day app to see all the competition management and competition case updates available.

Competition Management Enhancements
  • ‘Try difference’ has been added as a new ladder sorting option for competition managers to choose from. 
  • Competition managers can choose to enforce only accredited team officials to be selected on team sheets. Each team official selected (coach, manager, medical/first aid attendant, assistant referee and/or ground marshal) can have their own accreditation requirements. 
  • Note, Rugby Match Day app will display the following error when team admins are selecting their team list each week and their “Team official does not satisfy accreditation requirements for this competition”. 
  • The ‘Comp Setup and Draw Upload’ self-help guide has been updated and is available here
  • The Player and Team Official History Report has been updated to include Ground Marshal (GM) and Assistant Referees (AR) selected on team sheets. 

Competition Case Enhancements 
  • The Competition Cases page now includes two new buttons- ‘All Competitions’ and ‘Case without Competition’. 
  1. ‘All Competitions’ allows admins to select all competition cases with one click. 
  2. ‘Case without Competition’ displays all cases that have been created by club and/or association admins that are not related to a competition fixture. 
  • Club and association admins can now create cases not related to a competition fixture by selecting the scene as ‘other sport or activity’ and ‘club’ instead of competition. The Club dropdown displays all active registered participants, allowing them to be marked as unavailable for an exclusion period. 
  • Accumulation of Yellow Cards has been added to the ‘incident type’ drop down for association admins creating incident cases. 
  • The ‘Competition Cases’ self-help guide has been updated and is available here

Referee Appointment System Updates
  • Appointment Board Admins will now see ‘Referees with Related Team possibly at the venue’ on the Edit Appointments Screen. This will list all referees whose related teams are playing at the venue, along with the team(s) name and the fixture time, making it easier to appoint them around their related team. 
  • Note, the individual or appointment board admin will need to assign a related team to them for this functionality to work.
  • Fixture change notification triggers have been slightly modified and the ‘status’ field now appears on the email notification. 
  • A fixture change notification will be sent if anything on a fixture is modified in Rugby Xplorer when the following conditions are met:
  1. A referee is appointed to the fixture (any of the appointments), and
  2. Fixture status is ‘fixture’ or ‘forfeit’.

  • A new ‘RugbyFit’ registration has been created for a fitness/training only program within Clubs. RugbyFit Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring registrations have been created for Clubs that run multiple programs within the same registration year. 
  • There is no requirement for Member Union or Association support in the delivery of these programs. This registration has come from a Club’s need when running fitness programs. 
  • Role: ‘Modified-rugby-participant’
  • Duration: ‘Season’ and ‘Weekly’  
  • Fee Structure:
  1. Insurance: $15 
  2. State: as set by Member Union
  3. Association: as set by Association 
  4. Club: as set by Club
  5. National Development Fee: $10 (will appear as a mandatory saleable item)
  • Rugby Australia is developing additional resources for Club delivered fitness programs. For more information, please contact Emerging Markets Project Manager, Jenna Knight.

XVs Academy
  • A new ‘XVs Academy’ registration has been created for academy training programs within Clubs. 
  • Role: ‘Player’
  • Duration: ‘Season’  
  • Fee Structure:
  1. Insurance: $15 
  2. State: as set by Member Union
  3. Association: as set by Association 
  4. Club: as set by Club
  • For more information, please contact your Member Union and/or competition manager.

World Rugby Law Trials
  • New World Rugby Laws have been released. Information on the Global Law Trials can be found here
  • Summer (21/22) XV-a-side competitions will be contacted to take part in the Global Law Trials. This will be the decision of the Member Union and Competition.
  • All existing competitions will continue with current 2021 laws. The 2022 season will see the implementation of these laws. 
  • If you have any further questions, please contact your State Referee Manager. 

Coming Soon
  • Rugby Event enhancements.
  • Competition Management enhancements. 
  • Report updates. 

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