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Update - June 2021
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Sent to Rugby Xplorer admins on Friday 4 June 2021. 

Rugby Xplorer

Are you an appointment board admin? Check out the latest updates to the Referee Appointment System. 

Rugby Xplorer App
  • Default competition is now Super Rugby Trans-Tasman, for individuals without a favourite competition saved in Rugby Xplorer app.  

Admin Portal Updates
  • Size for Age dispensation notification emails fix for players who have been assessed and will remain in their same age grade. 
  • Competition case display fix to correctly show the availability status of a player. 

Referee Appointment System
  • Appointment screen fixes
  1. All columns are sortable, with venue listed alphabetical and latest time at the top.
  2. Default display of 200 rows. 
  3. ‘To date’ filter includes this date in the results.
  4. Association name has been added between the ‘Date & Time’ and ‘Competition’ columns.
  5. Ability to filter by notification status.
  6. Byes are not displayed to the appointment board admin. 
  • Edit Appointment updates
  1. The edit appointment screen will remember the state of the ‘sort available referees by grading’ button. 
  2. Time for the screen to load is dependent on the client’s device as the dropdown lists of available referees must be pre-populated when the edit appointments screen loads. 
  • Changes to available referees list
  1. Display the list of available referees as “Last Name, First Name, (Grading), City” and sort A-Z by last name. The city is populated from the member record.
  2. Added button to sort the available referee list by Grading rather than Last Name (alphanumeric sort, A-Z or smallest-largest).\
  3. Change to prevent a referee appearing as available if already appointed on the same day (across any appointment board).
  4. Added button to this screen allowing the appointment officer to ‘Override unavailability’. This would add referees to the available list that had made themselves unavailable for that time, were already appointed that day, or had a related team playing in the fixture. It will not override lack of Smart Rugby accreditation.
  • Fixture and Appointments Report 
  1. PDF version can be downloaded which is in landscape mode on A4 with ~15 appointments appearing per page. CSV version is also available.
  2. The standard two groups are: 'Date, Appointment Board, Association, Venue' and 'Date, Appointment Board, Venue'. 
  3. Date grouping includes earliest fixtures first and the latest fixtures last. 
  4. Within each venue the fixtures will sort in time order with the earliest fixture at the top.
  5. Referees are listed in order of Referee, AR1, AR2, No4, No5, TMO and Referee Coach. 
  • Appointment Board Admins self-help guide has been updated and is available here

Learning Centre
  • Rugby’s Learning Centre transition is in progress. The Learning Centre will be available in the Rugby Portal shortly. 

Coming Soon
  • Referee Appointment System enhancements. 
  • Notifications & Communication enhancements. 
  • Rugby Portal, including profile enhancements. 
  • Competition management enhancements. 

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