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Update - October 2021
Rugby Xplorer

Sent to Rugby Xplorer admins on Tuesday 5 October 2021. 

Rugby Xplorer

Summer Comps are kicking off and Winter Comps are finalising their 2021 season. 

Development Requirement Gathering
  • Rugby Xplorer is continually evolving, let us know what developments you would like to see implemented into the system. 
  • Your submissions will be collated and discussed with the Rugby Advisory Committee where if they are agreed, they are prioritised and scheduled for development.   
  • The Rugby Advisory Committee is a group of 12 representations from all Member Unions who provide a voice for the clubs in their jurisdiction whilst providing a clear direction and recommendations for the system. 
  • Submit your requirement here
  • Don't forget, submissions close on Friday 15 October 2021!

Australian Sports Foundation Webinars
  • On the back of ASF’s “Impact of Covid-19 on Community Sport” report, they are running two webinars over the coming weeks in an effort to help community clubs get back on their feet through fundraising. These free webinars will cover:
  1. Real examples of online fundraising, methods and results 
  2. Tax-deductible fundraising and what you can raise funds for
  3. Fundraising through cancelled seasons and registration fees
  • Webinar Times
  1. Wednesday 6th October, 6:00pm (AEDT)
  2. Wednesday 13th October, 6:00pm (AEDT) 

Registration Credit & Refund Requests
  • Have you checked all your ‘pending’ Registration Refund Requests in Rugby Xplorer?
  • The ‘Credits & Refunds Process’ self-help guide explains the process and requires all four entities (club, association, state and national) to review the request before it is processed.
  • Remember, to provide a ‘cash refund’ your entity will require an Entity Card setup in the admin portal that is valid with sufficient funds setup in Rugby Xplorer (Payment Settings > Entity Card). Otherwise, you can provide a Rugby Xplorer Credit or decline the request (with a note) and process offline.
  • More information can be found here.

Season Rollover
  • 2021 season rollover will be happening in mid-December 2021. 
  • In preparation, all Clubs, Associations and States should begin downloading all relevant reports and information that you want to maintain for your records.
  • We recommend downloading – registration reports, dispensation reports, accreditation reports, player history reports but please be conscious if you are storing personal information it needs to be handled in a safe and secure way.  
  • Rugby Events– please advise you Member Union and Running Rugby Team if your Rugby event will run over the season rollover. 
  • More information will be provided soon. 

Coming Soon
  • Online dispensations- Senior Rugby, Age Grade and Schedule B. 
  • Registration enhancements. 

Additional Resources

Rugby Xplorer Assets

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Need more Help?

Check out the new Rugby Xplorer help website, which includes hundreds of articles on all Rugby Xplorer topics. 

You can also send an email to or call our customer service team on 02 8005 5600. Please note, our team are working Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (Sydney time) and Saturday from 9am-3pm (Sydney time). They will respond to you as soon as possible.