Touch 7s

How to Play Touch 7s

How to Play

There are just seven simple steps to playing Touch 7s.

Rule One: 7 Players per team


You need seven (7) players (male, female or mixed) per team.

Rule Two: It's touch only


It's touch only.

Rule 3: You're allowed seven touches


You’re allowed seven touches to score before handing the ball to the opposition.

Rule Four: When tocuhed you can pass to a teammate or place the ball


When touched you can either pass to a teammate within two seconds, take two steps or perform a ball place while defenders stand five metres back.

Rule Five: When the ball goes out, a quick throw in takes place


When the ball goes over the sideline, a quick throw back takes place.

Rule Six: Kicking is allowed


Kicking is allowed depending on the age group and skill level.

Rule Seven: Turnovers occur with a knock-on, forward pass or after seven touches


A turnover occurs if the attacking team drops the ball forward, passes forward or uses up their seven touches.

Touch 7s Field

Touch 7s Laws

Check out the complete list of Touch 7s laws.