Codes and Policies

Rugby Australia’s policies and procedures aim to ensure the game is run effectively, fairly and safely and that all participants behave in a positive and appropriate manner.

Our list of policies can be accessed via the Integrity Section on our website.

As we each have a duty to protect those involved in the game, it is important to report someone who has acted against one or more of our policies, so we can take appropriate action if necessary.

Report a concern Menu

*Please note for allegations of sexual harassment the details will only be viewed by the Rugby Australia Integrity Team and relevant Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) from your State Union. All other concerns will be referred to your State Union representative and manager of the competition that you select from the drop-down menu.

**Reports relating to child protection concerns will be made through Rugby AU’s independent reporting platform – Speak Up. This platform is independently managed by our integrity partners, Core Integrity, who are experienced in dealing with complex and sensitive disclosures and allegations. Only the Rugby Australia Integrity Team and relevant MPIO from your State Union will be provided details of your report. You may also remain anonymous through this platform if you wish.