Codes and Policies

Australian Rugby Disciplinary Rules

The Rugby Australia Disciplinary Rules have been developed to ensure a consistent approach to foul play, citing and judicial hearings.

Anti-Doping Code

All Rugby participants are bound by the Rugby Australia Anti-Doping Code and must be aware of its requirements.

Sports Supplement Policy

Supplements can play a role in an athletes' diet however there is a risk of an anti-doping violation which needs to be considered.

Illicit Drugs Policy

The Rugby Australia Illicit Drugs Policy aims to prevent the use of illicit drugs and reduce drug related harm to participants and their families.

Code of Conduct

The Rugby Australia Code of Conduct provides a set of standards for everyone involved in Rugby to ensure it is safe, fair and inclusive.

Medical Policy

The Rugby Australia Medical policies provide information use of medications, medical procedures and measures to protect the health and welfare for semi-professional and professional players.

Member Protection Policy

Ensuring that all participants feel included and safe in Rugby is crucial and the Rugby Australia Member Protection Policy aims to do this.

Anti-Corruption and Betting Policy

The Rugby Australia Anti-Corruption and Betting Policy applies to all Rugby participants and they need to be aware of its requirements.