Active Rugby Hubs: Home Workout, Week 2

Thu, Apr 23, 2020, 2:33 AM
Rugby Australia
by Rugby Australia
Josh Turner in the gym. Photo: Karen Watson
Josh Turner in the gym. Photo: Karen Watson

Welcome to the second week of the Active Rugby Hubs Home Workouts.

Week one workout here.

1. WARM UP - Two Rounds (5 minutes)


1.a 12 x Single Leg Arabesque (6 per leg)

1.b 12 x Hop and Stick forward and back (6 per leg)

1.c 30 x Mountain Climbers

2. MAIN WORKOUT - Two Rounds (20 minutes)

2.a 60 seconds Ball handling activities (3 activities)

Pass, react and catch against wall

Tap kicks off each leg 

2.b 12 x Press up with alternating hand position

Perform a press up with starting alternate hand position, at the top, swap hands and repeat.

Beginners -Simple press up

Advanced - Slow the tempo down by half

2.c 5 x 2 steps Forward and back Zig Zags (10m reps)

Beginner - Only forward and back on the spot

Advanced - Add ball

2.d 24 x Split squat off chair (12 per leg)

Beginner -Stationary split squat, no bench (with ball)

Advanced - add weights (with ball)

2.e 10 x Place, pop, go 

Beginner - On the spot only

Advanced - Add weight, medicine ball as the "ball"

2.f 12 x Dips

Burpee into good body shape over the ball in a breakdown/tackle contest scenario. Ideally, split feet to be able to hinge off either hip, chest over ball, ball to chest, eyes through the glasses, turtle neck area in strong wide base, low centre of gravity.

Beginner  - Simple burpee, down and up, focusing on hip, pop up into good shape over ball (no rotation)

Advanced - Add weight/medicine ball as the 'ball" , use split stance

2.g 12 x Reverse Bridge Extensions

Beginner - Reverse Bridge Holds

3. FINISHER - One Set (5 minutes)

3.a 60sec Prone Shoulder taps


Beginner - static plank hold

3.b 60 secs Front Bridge with Arm and Leg Raise


Beginner - arm or leg only

3.c 60sec Front Bridge one clock rotation


Beginner - static down and up on elbows continuous

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