What is Rugby XVs? 

Rugby XVs is the traditional format of the game.

There are 15 players per team and there are two 40-minute halves.

Rugby XVs is a full-contact sport however there are rules and regulations in place to keep players protected. 

Rugby Australia has developed pathways for players to help them progress to the highest possible level.

The Qantas Wallabies are the national men’s XVs team and the Buildcorp Wallaroos are the national women’s XVs team.  

About Club XVs

Rugby XVs is offered at more than 900 clubs across Australia.

The starting age is five years old and there is no maximum age limit!

The three main age groups are juniors (U6-U12), youths (U13-18) and seniors (U19 and above).

Pre-season starts between January and February with the season usually kicking off in March and wraps up around September.  

Register for Club XVs

  1. Download the Rugby Xplorer app (available on Google Play or App Store)  
  2. Sign-up or login using your email or MyRugby ID account.  
  3. If found, click 'Email me a magic link'. You will then receive an email with a link to create a new password. Enter the new password and proceed to ‘Sign in manually’.
  4. If not found, follow the prompts to create an account and login.
  5. Select 'More' on the navigation menu and then select 'Register'.
  6. Tick the person you would like to register and click 'Continue'.
  7. Search for a club through entering the 'Club name' or your 'postcode'. Select your chosen club and click 'Next'.
  8. Enter your personal details and follow the payment prompts. 

School Rugby XVs 

Rugby XVs is run at hundreds of schools across the country.

The divisions are divided into age groups. 

Most schools train once or twice a week with games played on Saturdays.  

Pre-season starts between January and February with the season usually kicking off in March and wraps up around September. 

If you’re interested in running XVs Rugby at your school please get in touch with your local Member Union. 

School Rugby XVs Competitions 

Through the support of the Australian Rugby Foundation new school XVs competitions have launched across the country. 

Each of these competitions combines non-traditional rugby schools with local clubs and each runs for 4-8 weeks. 

To find out more click here. 


Our FAQs provide lots of information for participants, club and competition admins. 

Helpful Resources

Having trouble registering to play? View the My Rugby Account self-help guide or Registration self-help guide

Club and competition admins can also find self-help guides and additional education and training information on our Club admin web page.