Touch 7s

Touch 7s

Touch 7s introduces communities to the fun and excitement of Rugby with a non-contact format that is safe, social and inclusive.

What participants love about Touch 7s

Fast and Fun

It's fast and fun

Games are just 16-minutes long and focus on maximising the inclusion of all participants.

Perfect for all ages

Perfect for all ages and abilities

Age is just a number, and experience doesn't matter, there is a spot for everyone on the Touch 7s field!

Plenty of action without the bumps and bruises

Plenty of action without the bumps and bruises

Touch 7s is a social game enjoyed with friends and family. It’s light on competitiveness but full of excitement.

Why play Touch 7s?

There is plenty to learn and love about Touch 7s. Hear from some of our clubs about what Touch 7s is doing for their community.

Follow our seven simple steps before taking to the field.

How to play!

Touch 7s is easy to run and easy to play. There are only seven simple steps that you need to follow.