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Active Rugby hubs: Home Workout, Week 4

Thu, 07/05/2020, 1:00 am
Rugby Australia
by Rugby Australia
Demi Hayes in action. Photo: Karen Watson
Demi Hayes in action. Photo: Karen Watson

Welcome to week four of the Active Rugby Hubs Home Workouts.

Week one workout here.

Week two workout here.

Week three workout here.

1. WARM UP - Two Rounds (5 minutes)

1.a 6 x Front-side-Front Bridge (5 secs each position)

1.b 16 x Single leg box hops (8 per leg)

1.c 15 metres x Skips


2. MAIN WORKOUT - Two Rounds (20 minutes)

2.a 12 x Pass and catch ball handing

Standing with a ball, pass the ball as high above your head as possible (remembering to point fingers and turn wrists as ball is released). As the ball comes down, position your body so that you can catch the ball with two hands. Ensure you have eyes on the ball, chest under the ball, two hand cradle/bucket to catch. Once you've caught it, keep hands close to chest.

Beginners - Start with passing the ball less high and focus on pass and catch technique

Advanced - See how many claps can be fit in between pass and catch

2.b 24 x Scrumhalf passing (12 per side)

Perform this against a wall/fence if on your own

Beginners - Reduce metres between passer and receiver

Advanced - Add in a couple of steps before the pass, arriving to pass

2.c 12 x Sumo squats holding ball to chest

Beginner - Normal squats

Advanced -Hold for three seconds at bottom of each rep

2.d 12 x Standing walkout pushups

Beginner - No push ups, only walk outs

Advanced -Add a three second hold before push up

2.e 10 x Vertical jump continuous (hold ball)

Beginner - No ball

Advanced - Use small weights

2.f 12 x Ball presentation work

Beginner - Start on knees, score try and then present ball

Advanced - Run a five-metre shuttle after each rep

2.g 20 x Single leg glute bridge (10 per leg)

Beginner -Double leg only

Advanced -Hold at the top of each rep for three seconds

3. FINISHER - One Set (5 minutes)

3.a 60sec Body Shape Hold

Beginner - Drop knees

Advanced - hold for longer time

3.b 60sec Body Shape Hold with alternate feet off ground

Beginner - Hold static position only

Advanced - Hold for longer time, can also take one arm off the ground

3.c 6 x 10-second Scrum hold shape 

Beginner - Start posture a bit higher until comfortable with technique

Advanced - Drop hip height and shoulder height down