Rugby Admin

This page will answer lots of questions for participants, club admins and competition admins.



Q: How can I login?

A: Download the Rugby Xplorer app, then follow the steps in the ‘My Rugby Account’ self help guide to sign up available on our Help Resources web page. Alternatively, signup via the web portal

Q: I am trying to reset my password and keep getting ‘not authorised’ error. What can I do?

A: This error often occurs from an invalid reset password token, this happens when multiple reset password links have been sent and the user is using an older link. You should use the most recent reset password email or alternatively send another and use that one. Also, if you are using a government issued email address or computer they block the Rugby Xplorer magic link. Please use your home email and home computer. 

Q: Where can I download Rugby Xplorer? Does it work on both iPhones and Androids?

A: Yes, Rugby Xplorer works on both iPhones and Androids. The app can be downloaded through the App Store for iPhones and Google Play for Androids

Q: How can we have multiple players with the same email address?

A: Multiple family members and/ or linked players can have the same email address, however there can only be one login ID available for this email address. For a user to have their own account, the email address must be unique.

NOTE: Rugby AU have removed generic team and club email addresses from ~4K individual records in our CRM system. Participants will need to enter their own email address and then enter additional information to recover their account. Individuals will then need to go through the account recovery process. See the 'My Rugby Account' self help guide for additional information. 

Q: How can I link/unlink family members with my account?

A: Linking family members is now available. See the ‘My Rugby Account’ self help guide for additional information. Un-linking family members will be available early Feb 2019. We recommend the PARENT logging in selects their own account to pull across. If you see your children with the same email address appear they have been brought across and you can switch accounts using the two person icon (top right). 

Q: How can I edit personal details?

A: Log into your Rugby account and you can edit your details on the main profile page. This is available in the Rugby Xplorer app and on the web. 

Q: Does changing your email in your record change your username?

A: Yes.

Q: Who can control the privacy settings for an individual?

A: An individual can control their own privacy settings within the registration process and also update these via 'My Account'. By making your profile private your name will appear as 'name withheld' on public team sheets and live results. Higher level competitions may require an individual to ensure their profile is public. Competitions can also control the privacy settings by choosing to display the competition, results and ladders for individual competitions. Younger age competitions often do not show a ladder.   

Q:Where can I add my photo?

A: Log into your Rugby account and you can add a photo on the main page. Alternatively, you will be prompted to add a photo during the registration process. This photo can be retrieved from the computer/ phone camera or a selfie can be taken on the spot. NOTE: This picture will flow through to your member profile and appear on team sheets for your team manager.


Q: What is registration duration?

A: DURATION is the time you are registered for:

  • Season = the full season
  • Monthly = can only play for the month you have paid for
  • Weekly = can only play for the week you have paid for

NOTE: monthly and weekly begin the day you register, and the system will automatically pick up when this expires (date range has passed) and remove you from the team selection.

Q: Where can I find the registration fees for my Club?

A: On the payment summary of the registration process the fees can be displayed. They will be shown as insurance, state, association, club and any applicable discounts. A registration email confirmation will also be sent to players and non-playing members detailing the registration purchase and payment breakdown. 2019 insurance levies can also be found on our Registration web page. 

Q: Are there family discounts available?

A: Family discounts will be available when they are setup by your Club Administrator and there are multiple players (already linked) registering in the same registration flow. They will receive a dollar amount discount as setup by your Club Administrator. Family discounts are currently applied to all SEASON PLAYER registration types in the SAME Club. Rugby AU are investigating how we can restrict the application of family discounts on specific registration types.

Q: How can I receive a family discount?

A: If your Club is offering family discounts all family members need to be linked PRIOR to the registration flow. The family discount only works for family members (or linked members) registering to the SAME club where all participants are classified as PLAYERS and registering for the full SEASON. You begin by registering and paying for the first family member. On the confirmation screen you click "Finish". It will ask if you wish to continue to receive a family discount or stop counting the registration flow. If you choose to finish, the family discount counting will stop.

Q: What is the 'program equipment' saleable item added to my Touch 7s and Get into Rugby registration?

A: An enforceable saleable item (that cannot be removed) is added to Touch 7s and Get into Rugby registrations automatically for each participant. This covers the cost of program equipment for your Touch 7s and Get into Rugby organisations to run. Foxtel Touch 7s webpage and Get into Rugby webpage provide additional information on each of these programs. 



Q: What payment options are available in Rugby Xplorer?

A: Different payment options:

  • Zip Pay - will settle ALL up the registration fees (insurance, member union, association and club fees). The individual participant will create a relationship with Zip Pay to decide when and how they will split their payments, i.e. player can pay in installments. Individuals are required to be an Australian citizen/ resident to be able to apply for Zip Pay. 
  • NSW Active Kids Vouchers – players will need to enter their Active Kids Voucher into the payment screen whereby the $100 will be automatically verified and if valid, will reduce the registration fees. Please note, NSW Active Kids Voucher is a ONE-TIME USE only voucher. If you use your NSW Active Kids voucher for a registration <$100, the balance will be forfeited.  
  • Club discount code – there are two different club discount codes available. Clubs can offer a full fee discount and/ or a club only fee discount. Discount codes are unique and can only be used once. For further information check out the Club discount code self-help guide

Q: How can I claim my NSW Active Kids voucher through Rugby Xplorer?

A:You will need to register for your NSW Active Kids voucher prior to registering, additional information can be found on NSW Services website. You will need to click "Add Active Kids Voucher" on the 'Registration Summary' page. A pop-up will appear where you enter your voucher number and the pin will default to your child's DOB. You will need to agree to Rugby AU Terms and Conditions before continuing. The voucher will be redeemed and deducted from your overall registration fees. 

NOTE: Vouchers are ONE-TIME USE only. If you choose a registration type that is <$100 you forfeit the remainder of the voucher. All vouchers must be redeemed through the Rugby Xplorer registration process and no vouchers will be processed retrospectively. 

Q: How can players use their Government Voucher (not NSW Active Kids vouchers)?

A: If you are a player in WA, NT, QLD or SA and wanting to use your government voucher, you will need to discuss your options with your individual Club or Association. These governments do not have an automatic system that can be integrated into Rugby Xplorer for 2019 season.

Q: What is the transaction fees in Rugby XPlorer?

A: 2% for ALL transactions. This is the same transaction fee for players who pay with credit/ debit card and those who choose to pay using Zip Pay. 

Q: Are the registration fees inclusive of GST?

A: Yes, all fees added into Rugby Xplorer (insurance, state, association fee and club) are inclusive of GST.




Q: How can I access the admin portal?

A: You need to sign up to Rugby Xplorer first and be given user permissions by your Competition Manager (or other Club admins already setup). Once user permissions have been granted you can access the Admin portal via or by clicking ‘Admin’ in your My Account Portal.

Q: Accessing the admin portal online

A: Rugby Xplorer admin portal will only work on a desktop/ laptop computer. It will NOT work on a phone. We recommend Google Chrome as your internet browser. 

Q: How do I know if I'm setup as an admin?

A: You will be sent an email notification advising you that you have been provided admin user permissions for a particular entity. 

Q: What happens if I'm a club admin for both a junior and senior Club?

A: Both clubs will need to remain separate. However, you can use the SAME login for both.You will need to be added as a Club admin for both the junior and senior entity. In the admin portal, you can change the Club you are administering as on the top left hand drop down. 

Q: How can I setup other admins at my Club?

A: They will need to sign up to Rugby Xplorer first and be given user permissions following the steps in ‘Club Admins Setup’ self-help guide available in our Resource Library. Once permissions have been granted you can access the Admin portal via or by clicking ‘Admin’ in your Rugby Portal. 

Q: How can I see admins for my Club?

A: Club admins can download the 'Admin Users Report' to see who has been setup as a club and/ or team admin. The 'Team Detail Report' will show you has been setup as a team admin for each of your teams. 

Q: Where do I submit my Clubs financial details?

A: Clubs will need to download the financial details form and submit the form via our Dropbox link. The form and links are available on the Club Administration web page.

Q: What file format does my Club logo need to be to upload?

A: Clubs need to save their logos as PNG files for easy uploading, JPEG will also upload too. Don't forget to click "Save". 

Q: How can I communicate with previously registered Club members?

A: Clubs should download registration and competition information at the end of each season. You will need to communicate with your Club members on social media and/ or emails outside of Rugby Xplorer. Additional information regarding communications through Rugby Xplorer will be released later in 2019.

Q: Can I still access Rugby Link?

A: No! Rugby Link has shut down on Tuesday 30 April. No one will be able to access Rugby Link after this time, including Rugby AU. All access has been closed.  


Q:Where can I find the insurance costs for the registration types available in Rugby Xplorer?

A: 2019 insurance levies can be found on the Registration web page. Please contact your Member Union and/ or Association for their fees. If your Member Union and/ or Association have added their fees into Rugby Xplorer you can view these on the 'Fee Breakdown' page in the admin portal. 

Q: Where can I find my state and association fees?

A: Clubs will need to contact their respective state and/ or association to find out their fees. Club admins can use the ‘Fee Breakdown’ page in Rugby Xplorer and search by Registration Type, Duration, Group and Age to see what the up the line fees are. NOTE: if there is a dash (-) this registration type has not been setup at that level. If there is $0, that level is not charging any fees online through Rugby Xplorer. 

Q: What is 'training only'?

A: This registration product only includes an insurance cost. Will not allow these people to be added to a team sheet. It has two insurance prices associated with age (5-18 and 19+). If these players then decide to play, the insurance cost will be deducted from their registration fees as per conversion registrations. NOTE: the discount is only applied if they purchase a ‘season’ player registration. 

Q: Do I need to setup a 'training only' product? 

A: No. The Club, association and State user admins do not need to set up this registration type. This registration type is automatically available for players to choose to register to at all Clubs. Training Only is now available at all Clubs, regardless of if your Club is setup to receive season registrations. 

Q: How are registration fees determined (for junior players)?

A: The system will automatically pick up the player’s age (as of 31 Dec) and will charge them the price for that age group, as setup by Club admins.

Q: What discounts can we offer?

A: General discounts, for example early bird discounts, based on a dollar or percentage within a specific date range can be applied. Family discounts, where multiple players registering in the same registration flow will receive a dollar amount as setup by Club admins. 

Q: What is a Club discount code?

A: Club discount code – there are two different club discount codes available. Clubs can offer a full fee discount and/ or a club only fee discount. Discount codes are unique and can only be used once. For further information check out the Club discount code self-help guide. .  

Q: How can I add merchandise to my registration products?

A: Clubs can create saleable items within the payment settings. The ‘Club Admins Setup’ self-help guide explains the payment settings steps available in our Resource Library. If you want to offer different sizes, you can create different saleable items, e.g. Shorts S, Shorts M, etc. 

Q: Where can I access more information?

A: Club Administration web page includes links to our Help Resources and Education & Training web pages. 



Q: Where can I see who has registered for my Club?

A: Registration reports are available under the 'Reports' tab in the Admin portal. Club registration reports include: 

  • Registration Report - details all participants who have registered to your Club and any saleable items they have purchased.
  • Registration Summary Report - totals all active and inactive players in your Club.
  • Registration Payment Detail Report - provides payment details for all registrations purchased at your Club. 

Q: How can I see my registered players?

A: Club admins will need to create Teams via the 'Teams' tab prior to allocating players into teams. Once teams have been created Club admins can allocate players to teams via the 'Player Management' tab. NOTE: there are additional filtering options added into the Team List to assist Clubs segmenting their player list which include name, age and gender. 

Q: How can I see my registered non-players?

A: Club admins can see registered non-players via the 'Non-Player Management' tab. The roles, selected by the individual during registration, will appear. Club admins can add/ edit/ remove roles via the 'edit' function. 

Q: What other reports are available?

A: Additional REGISTRATION reports include:

  • Registration Report - details all participants who have registered to your Club and any saleable items they have purchased.
  • Registration Summary Report - totals all active and inactive players in your Club, Association and/ or State.
  • Registration Payment Detail Report - provides payment details for all registrations purchased at your Club, Association and/ or State.
Additional COMPETITION MANAGEMENT reports include:
  • Player History Report
  • Player Statistics
  • Incident and Injury Detail Report
  • Team Admin Detail
  • User Report - helping you know who has club and/or team admin access in your Club. Note, each user is now listed on their own line.
  • Referee Clubs can access the Referee Fixture Report which can be uploaded into the Referee Appointing System.


Q: What notification(s) will a Club admin receive?

A: Club admins will receive the following notifications:

  • User permissions notification(s) - when new admin/ user permissions are granted to an individual.
  • Clearance notification(s) - sent to From Club, From Association, To Club and Player. 
  • Incidents - red card movements recorded in the Rugby Match Day app. 
  • Injuries - serious injuries and concussions recorded in the Rugby Match Day app.
  • Match disputed - sent to both team admins and association admin.


Q: Will Rugby Xplorer bring across suspensions/concussions from Rugby Link?

A: When a player registers in Rugby Xplorer, any outstanding suspensions/ concussions are brought across. Note, the information needed to be added into Rugby Link before end of season 2018. There is a ‘Do not register’ list in Salesforce, Rugby AU staff members regularly check this and can follow up with respective Competition Managers if anyone registers and they are on this list.

Q: How can association admins exclude/ suspend someone in Rugby Xplorer?

A: When a team admin adds a red card and/ or concussion against a player in the Rugby Match Day app, a competition case is created. The team admin, club admin and association admin will receive an email notification for the case. Association admins can then update the competition case to confirm a concussion or mark a red card as guilty or not guilty. Any changes to the 'available date' will require an overnight update process to enable the player to appear for team selection.  

Q: How can club admins see who is excluded/ suspended in their Club?

A: The 'Competition Cases Report' will detail all exclusions and suspensions for players. This report will include the date the players can return to the field. 



Q: Domestic clearances

A: Players are classified as 'free agents' in the system between seasons and can register to a Club in 2019 through the Rugby Xplorer app. When a player is already registered for XVs or 7s registration type in the season a clearance will be required.The 'From Club' and 'From Association' will be required to 'approve' or 'deny' the clearance request in the admin portal before the player can re-register online. When the player re-registers online, conversion discounts will apply for the up the line fees. Club fees are always charged in full. 


  • Both From Club and From Association need to 'approve' the clearance before the player can continue with their re-registration. If a clearance is 'denied', the player will be unable to re-register online. 
  • From Club, From Association, To Club and Player will receive clearance notifications. From Club and From Association need to action the clearance, where the To Club and Player are notified at the beginning of the clearance process and the outcome of the clearance. 
  • Players remain active at both Clubs, depending on their registration status. Season will remain active for the full season, whereas monthly and weekly registrations will expire after the date has passed. 
  • For combined teams and players who are eligible to play with multiple Clubs, they will need to follow the process above. For players who are moving permanently, they should be removed from any 'Teams' at their old club so they do not appear for team selection. 

Q: International clearances

A: International clearance process remains unchanged. Please see more information available here



Q: Who can de-register players?

A: Super admins (Rugby AU only). Please see Section 11 of the 2019 Registration Regulations for the de-registration and refund process. This was updated in April and an insurance refund is only provided if deemed an exceptional circumstance. 

Q: How can players claim a refund?

A: The Application for Refund can be found on our Registration web page. For eligibility criteria to receive a refund please review the 2019 Rugby AU Registration Regulations. NOTE: no refunds or conversion discounts are given if a player registers for a weekly/monthly duration and then registers for a season.



Q: As a competition Manager, where can I find information about setting up my competition?

A: The ‘Association Admins Setup’ self-help guide provides some steps to setup your competition.The 'Draw Upload' self-help guide also explains how to easily import your competition into Rugby Xplorer. 

Q: Can I bulk upload my competition draw?

A: Yes, the 'Draw Upload' self-help guide explains how to easily import your competition into Rugby Xplorer.

NOTE: We recommend downloading a new template for each competition you want to upload and enter in the information for each competition. Please avoid copying and pasting across excel documents to ensure the dates are correct in the upload. Plus, don't forget to publish your competition draw!

Q: What algorithm does the draw builder use?

A: The draw is based on a round robin style, the number of rounds and teams are predetermined in the comp setup. In most cases, if there is the right number of rounds all teams will play each other twice. The draw is created so that all teams play each other once and then the loop begins again with each team playing an opposing team once at home and once away, this will repeat again if there are rounds left over or alternatively if there are not enough rounds for all to play twice it will go as far as it can. Please note, the algorithm has been updated to alternate home and away fixtures. 

An example of how the seeding moves around below. Round 1 = 1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4. Round 2 = 1 v 5, 6 v 4, 2 v 3, etc.

1 2 3
6 5 4

1 6 2
5 4 3

1 5 6
4 3 2

1 4 5
3 2 6

Team 1 has a fixed position while the other teams move in a clockwise direction until the rounds are filled. In the case of uneven teams a bye will fill the last position.

Q: Can I allocate points for a bye in the ladder for my competition?

A: Yes, in the 'ladders' section of your competition you can add in the points awarded for a bye. Please note, these will be added automatically into the draw, we are investigating the points being awarded post the round. 

Q: Can I allocate negative points in the ladder for a forfeit?

A: Yes, in the 'ladders section of your competition you can now add in negative numbers. Please note, 'forfeit' is now a match status in the admin portal. This will be available in the Rugby Match Day app in the next release. 

Q: How can I adjust ladder points for an individual team?

A: In your competition, click on the 'ladders' tab at the top of the page. Under the points allocated for a win, loss, draw, etc. will be the latest ladder. The 'adj' column will be highlighted in blue, click this for the relevant team. A pop-up will appear where you enter in positive or negative points and click "save". The total pts will be updated to reflect the adjustment made. 

Q: How can I delete my competition fixtures?

A: Only UNPUBLISHED competitions can be deleted. Otherwise, you will need to delete each individual match for a published draw. NOTE: any fixtures that have information added into them, i.e. team sheets, scores or movements should not be deleted. 

Q: How can I edit my competition fixtures?

A: If you have imported your draw or used the draw builder you will need to "publish". Once published the competition fixtures will display under the 'Matches' tab and you can edit individual matches. There is current no bulk editing of time or venue. 

Q: How can competitions handle combined teams?

A: For combined teams, we recommend that Competition Managers allocate the Club team with the most players into the competition. The team name can be updated to show it’s a combined/ barbarians team as required. Then the players from the other Club will need to re-register with the other Club.

The second time the players register, they will be asked to request a clearance through the online self-registration process. The individual needs to request the clearance, a notification is sent to the current club, current association, new club and player. Once the current club and current association have both approved the clearance the player will receive an email confirmation of the approved clearance and will be asked to re-register. The Registration Clearances self-help guide provides steps on approving clearances and the clearance rules. 

The conversion (discounting of up the line fees) will apply, this is why it’s recommended for the smaller club to do this. The Clubs can work out their Club fees for combined teams offline. 

Q: Where is my competition draw published?

A: Participants can follow their favourite teams in the Rugby Xplorer app. Teams that are participating in competitions will have their fixtures displayed under the 'teams' tab or for the full competition and ladders you can see them under the 'comps' tab. The competition also displays on the Rugby Match Centre website, select your competition to view fixtures.

Q: Can Clubs/ Associations embed/ iFrame the competition fixtures into their website?

A: No, the Rugby Match Centre is one URL and individuals will need to search for their competitions. We recommend following their team in the Rugby Xplorer app. The competitions will soon display on the new Member Union websites. Please contact your Member Union for more information. 

Q: How can I setup finals?

A: There are currently no finals fixture algorithms that can be setup in Rugby Xplorer, these will be available later in 2019. In the interim, you will need to create your finals fixtures manually by "adding matches". You can create the fixtures as round type = finals, round number = the next one after your regular fixtures, add in date & time, can leave venue blank of select the 'TBC' venue for your state and ensure you tick TBA.

NOTE: You may need to adjust the number of rounds in your competition setup. This number needs to include both regular and finals fixtures. 



Rugby Match Day App

Q: How can Team Managers select teams, score and enter in incidents and injuries?

A: All Team Manager tasks needs to be completed on the Rugby Match Day app. The app is the only way that teams (and Clubs) can select their team, scores, incidents and injuries. The app can be downloaded from Apple and Google Play stores

NOTE: Team Managers will need 'team admin' user roles and the Competition Manager must have published the competition. If the individual doesn't have 'team admin' and/ or the competition is not published yet a "currently not available" screen will appear. 

Q: How can I get 'team admin' access?

A: Club admins can allocate 'team admin' user permissions to individuals with a Rugby Xplorer account.

NOTE: individuals require an email address on their record in order to be able to login. If the child is the primary account holder, the parent will need to provide another email address that can be added to their account and then they can login. 

Q: Where can I find more information on how to use the Rugby Match Day app?

A: You can watch the recorded online webinar, Performing Competition Administration Tasks, available on the Education and Training webpage. The Rugby Match Day App self-help guide will provide guidance on how to score games. 

Q: Is there a limit to the number of players I can select in my team?

A: No, however depending on the game format being played (7-a-side, 10-a-side, 12-a-side and/ or 15-a-side) there are specific positions setup in the team selection portal. Your Competition rules will also determine the number of players that can be selected on a team. 

NOTE: If one team selects all players in one position, i.e. prop, the opposition's team list will be duplicated. Team managers need to ensure that they select different players into different positions. The Rugby Xplorer lineups match both teams based on their positions. 

Q: What can jersey numbers include?

A: Jersey numbers can be edited when selecting players into the team. A jersey number will default for the position selected. This can be edited and can include numbers up to 3 digits and/ or letters. 

Q: When do team lists need to be entered?

A: Competition rules will determine when team lists need to be entered into Rugby Match Day app by. There are options for mid-week, 24 hours and 1 hour prior to kick-off. NOTE: team lists MUST be submitted prior to being able to score the match, even if it is 5 minutes before the game click "1 hour". 

Q: How does the timer work?

A: Once you click the "play" button the timer will start. The timer is just a guide for the game, if your phone/ tablet locks or your are entering in movements for players the timer will stop.

NOTE: The referee is the sole judge of time! 

Q: How can I change who scored a try, conversion and/ or penalty?

A: The 'feed' tab in the Rugby Match Day app will show all scores (tries, conversions and/ or penalties) that you have entered and there will be a red minus button to the right of these. By clicking this you are removing the try, conversion and/ or penalty. You can then re-enter the score via the 'scoring' tab and select the correct player. 

Q: What will the referee need to check at the end of the game?

A: The referee will need to check the final score and all cards have been entered in correctly. The final score will appear at the top of the app and the cards will be shown in the 'cards' tab. 

Q: How do we record a forfeit?

A: Your Competition Manager will be able to update the match status to 'forfeit'. Team admins will be able to add this match status in once the Rugby Match Day app upgrade has been released (later in 2019). 

Q: Why do some of my players display as 'name withheld' in the team lineup?

A: When participants registered they were asked if they wanted their profile to be private or public. Those who selected 'private' will display as 'name withheld' on public team lineups and player statistics. Individuals can update their privacy settings in their 'My Account' on the web browser, they will be able to update this in the app when the next update is available (w/b Mon 6 May). Club and team admins will still see player's names when selecting their teams and live scoring.