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Update - May 2021
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Sent to Rugby Xplorer admins on Tuesday 11 May 2021. 

Rugby Xplorer

2021 seasons are underway. 

Admin Portal Updates
  • Registration Report and Registration Payment Detail Report now includes ‘Rugby Xplorer Credit’ redemption notes in the ‘discounts’ column for insurance, state, association and/or club fees. 
  • 4 new accreditations will appear in the Accreditations Report and on the Accreditations page for registered participants in your Club/Association:
  1. Front Row Passport Assessing Coach Accreditation
  2. Rugby AU Educator Accreditation
  3. Rugby AU Educator Trainer Accreditation
  4. Elite Coach - Professional License
  • Association admins can filter competition cases by season and view or edit these cases including the ability to update a player’s availability if they received a blue card, red card and/or serious injury in a previous season. 

Size for Age Enhancements
  • Club admins can edit a player’s height and/or weight in the admin portal. An individual can also update their own height and/or weight in their Rugby Portal. This will recalculate whether a mandatory, voluntary or no assessment is required for the player based on the Size for Age Guidelines available here
  • Association admins can delete a member assessment if it is no longer required. This is currently available for 2021 season assessments. In the next update, the season filter will appear on all relevant pages and allow association admins to delete assessments from previous seasons. 
  • Size for Age Report will update based on any of the changes to height and/or weight and when member assessments are updated. 
  • Additional information can be found on our Help website

Referee Appointment System
  • Two Referee Reports are now available in the admin portal for both Appointment Board admins and Club admins.
  1. Fixture and Appointment Report – includes all fixtures and appointments for a specific Appointment Board. 
  2. Referee Unavailability Report - includes all members’ unavailability. The referee will not appear for appointment to fixtures during these days and/or times. 
  • Referee self-help guides have been updated and are available on the Resource Library
  • We are running another RAS Webinar on Tuesday 18 May 7.30pm (Sydney time) covering key issues, new functionality and user feedback. Register here to attend

Rugby Xplorer App
  • Byes are displaying in the Rugby Xplorer app.  

Smart Rugby
  • Has your Smart Rugby accreditation expired? Ensure you complete your Smart Rugby accreditation via the Learning Centre today.
  • More info available here.

Coming Soon
  • Season filter in admin portal.
  • Updates to Referee Appointment System. 
  • Ecommerce ability for clubs in the app (moving shop out of registration process). 
  • Notifications & Communication enhancements. 
  • Rugby Portal, including profile enhancements.

Additional Resources
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Need more Help?

Check out the new Rugby Xplorer help website, which includes hundreds of articles on all Rugby Xplorer topics. 

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