Active Rugby Hubs: Home Workout, Week 5

by Rugby Australia

Welcome to week four of the Active Rugby Hubs Home Workouts.

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1. WARM UP - Two Rounds (5 minutes)

1.a 8 lengths x Carioca

 1.b 8 lengths x Side/side shuffle

1.c 10 x Back extensions


2. MAIN WORKOUT - Two Rounds (20 minutes)

2.a 12 x Line out throws

Start on knees, can throw against a wall if on your own. Focus on grip, brace core and release with hands to target.

Beginners - :Less distance to throw - five metres +

Advanced - Standing on both feet

2.b 12 x Fend with ball transfer


Can do against a wall. It's important to transfer ball into opposite hand from that which you use to fend from the wall. Don’t need to go all the way to wall with chest, simply get good placement of fending hand, bend elbow and push off from the wall. Transfer ball to the other side and repeat.

Beginners - No ball transfer (single only with each hand)

Advanced - Continuous reps without small pause in middle

2.c 12 x Overhead squat with ball

Perform a squat while holding a ball with arms extended overhead. Maintain posture and bend through the hips, knees and ankle joints to get low.

Beginner - No overhead 

Advanced - Add a weight instead of a ball overhead.

2.d 12 x Pushups, feet elevated

Elevate feet on a chair/bench.

Beginner - Normal pushups

Advanced -Explosive pushups

2.e 10 x Double leg pogos with tuck jump 

Two pogos with one tuck jump is one rep.

Beginner - Pogos only

Advanced - Two pogos with two tuck jumps as one rep

2.f 12 x Surfers

Beginner - Pop off ground without split stance

Advanced - Place ball close by and surfer into a jackal position

2.g 60 secs x Front bridge with leg raise (30 secs per leg)

Beginner - Normal front bridge, no leg raise

Advanced - Hold for longer, eg 45 secs per leg

3. FINISHER - One Set (5 minutes)

3.a 20 x Single leg arabesque (10 per leg)


Beginner - Fewer reps

Advanced - Add weight

3.b 20 x Single leg arabesque with reach (10 per leg)


Beginner - Fewer reps

Advanced - Add weight

3.c 12 x Hop with turn (6 per leg)


Beginner - Without ball

Advanced - Add weight