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Active Rugby Hubs; At Home Workout, Week 9

Thu, 11/06/2020, 12:35 am
Rugby Australia
by Rugby Australia
Maurice Longbottom doing bear crawls. Photo: Karen Watson
Maurice Longbottom doing bear crawls. Photo: Karen Watson

Welcome to week nine of the Active Rugby Hubs Home Workouts.

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1. WARM UP - Two Rounds (5 minutes) 


1.a 16  x Single leg arabesque with reach (8 per leg)

1.b 16 x Hop with 90 degree turn (8 per leg)

1.c 20 x Alternating prone shoulder tap 

2. MAIN WORKOUT - Two Rounds (20 minutes)

2.a 30secs x Fast catch drill

Beginner - Slow passes down in between

Advanced - Add in another ball with partner so the catcher has to react quicker and use more vision than with single partner

2.b 20 x Punch pass walking (10 each side)

Beginner - Stationary only

Advanced - Add running component

2.c 5 x 10m Bear crawls

Beginner - No ball on back

Advanced - Lower height of hips and upper body

2.d 12 x Yoga push up

Beginner  - Regular push up

Advanced - Slow each rep down by 50 per cent

2.e 24 x Split squat (12 per leg)

Beginner - Alternate between each leg after rep

Advanced - Place one foot on unstable surface

2.f 12 x 1 vs 0 ball secure

Beginner - Only ball secure (not coming back up to feet)

Advanced - Focus on getting from ground to feet quickly

2.g 10 x 5secs Reverse bridge extension 2 

Beginner - Less pressure on neck area and more on upper back

Advanced - Hold each rep at top for longer, i.e. 10 secs

3. FINISHER - One Set (5 minutes)

3.a 60 secs Plank

3.b 60 secs Front plank with leg raise (30 secs per leg)

3.c 60secs Side plank (30 secs each side)