GIR Testing 4 - Scrum Shape

Physical Development

This section focuses on mobility, flexibility and strength, helping athletes to prepare their bodies to compete.

GIR - Clearing Pass Throw

Skills in Isolation

This section focuses on skills in isolation and helps athletes become comfortable with running, stopping and falling. It also focuses on balance, contact, movement, and spatial awareness.

GIR - Line Out Pod

Set Piece

This section is dedicated to developing the set piece skills of players at scrum, lineout, restarts and maul.

GIR Continuous Attack

Structured Play

This section focuses on structured play which accounts for 50% of possession in a game. By developing skills in these areas players will work towards understanding the necessity of structure to building a game that allows us to move to unstructured play where we can "play footy"

GIR 1 Touch

Unstructured Play

This section focuses on developing the skills required to "play footy" - attacking space when the defence is disconnected, trying to reconnect broken defences and adjusting to a variety of tackle contest situations.

6 Principles of the Scrum

Position Specific Skills

This section focuses on the "tools of the trade" for players. Position Specific Skills or PSS refers to the acute skills for specialised position requirements including lineout throw, jump, support, hooking, scrum-half passing and kicking.