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GIR Offside Touch

Momentum, Movement & Agility

This section focuses on fundamental movement skills and helps participants become comfortable with running, stopping and falling. It also focuses on balance, speed, strength, agility and spatial awareness.

GIR 1v1 Track and Tackle

Run & Evade

This section has a key focus on spatial awareness, peripheral vision and changing speeds. It also teaches participants about good communication and team work.

GIR Back to Back relay

Catch & Carry

These activities introduce balance, catching, passing and running with a ball. Participants will learn to identify space while running with the ball.

GIR Kick Ball reflex

Carry & Protect

These activities focus on safe ball carrying while running. Participants learn how to work with teammates to maintain possession and make it difficult for the opposition to access the ball.

GIR Kick Ball Reflex

Pass & Throw

This section highlights a variety of methods to offload the ball.

GIR Kick Ball Reflex


This section introduces a variety of kicking methods which focus on accuracy and distance.

GIR Track and Tackle

Track and Defence

This section introduces participants to the concept of spatial awareness and filling space as well as team work and communication to identify attacking threats in a variety of situations.

GIR Wrap and Squeeze

Tackle, Contest & Contact

This section introduces participants to the three most common contact situations which occur in open play (tackle, ruck and maul) and how to execute these safely.

GIR Line Out

Line Out

This section includes specific skills and activities to introduce participants to a line out scenario

GIR Scrum


These videos highlight the six principles of the scrum and examples of activities and tests to ensure safe scrum technique for players